A guided meditation to give you all day energy and help you to stay alert and focused wherever your attention is needed.

All Day Energy CD Album Cover
  • Do you find yourself lacking in energy during the day?
  • Do you drink coffee or caffeinated beverages to boost your energy?
  • Do you sometimes feel lack of motivation and too tired to do anything?
  • Would you like a way to keep an abundance of energy all day, more naturally?

We live in a world where we are constantly on the go and constantly need a supply of energy to keep us going, but sometimes we can feel depleted and substitute out natural energy resources with caffeinated drinks.

Imagine for a few seconds what it would feel like to have energy all day long, without feeling tired and depleted.

Our body naturally has energy slumps throughout the day, usually around lunch time and after we've eaten a heavy meal. However there is a way to counteract this feeling. By using the power of your mind and guided meditation you can have all day energy.

Your body releases energy when the food you eat is broken down and causes chemical reactions in your body. You can also use your mind to produce these chemicals giving you a long lasting feeling of energy.

In this guided meditation you will be able to:

  • Release your natural energy using the power of your mind. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs can help you to release energy into your body's bloodstream. Guided meditation can help create the right environment for you to have the thoughts and feelings to release this energy.
  • Get an energy boost whenever you require it. Whether it's all day energy you need or just a natural boost this guided meditation can help you to trigger chemical reactions in order to boost your energy.
  • Store energy for future use. We use up a lot of energy due to stress, anxiety and worry. This wasted energy can be stored for future use by eliminating stress, anxiety and worry, by helping you to relax at a very deep level.
  • Eliminate caffeinated drinks from your diet. Caffeinated drinks give you a short boost in energy levels but cause a huge slump later on. You can eliminate caffeinated drinks altogether and give your body and mind a natural boost.

Is it really possible to release energy using the power of your mind? The answer to that is yes. You are doing it, at an unconscious level, every day. Think of the last time you felt really tired but you were hit with some exciting news, your body released a surge of energy to keep you going.

Whilst energy release is usually an unconscious act, guided meditation has a direct line to your unconscious mind in order to release energy when you require it.

What to Expect

You will first be given a full mind and body relaxation sessions. This will help clear stress, anxiety and worry, which wastes vital energy supplies.

You will then take a journey into the heart of nature to help you to relax further and feel at peace.

Your next journey will be in a hot air balloon guided by a mysterious woman who gives you a gift to use every day in order to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Short Term

You will notice that you will get an immediate boost in energy after you listen to the album for the first time.

You will also begin to realize how much energy you have wasted by being stressed and anxious. The relaxation sessions will help to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life.

Long Term

After a few weeks you will see a huge difference in your energy levels and your ability to maintain these energy levels throughout the day.

You will also become much more relaxed and calm in your everyday life, and your ability to cope with the stresses of life will increase dramatically.

If you are looking to have energy all day every day then download this powerful guided meditation and see the difference it makes in your life.