7 Easy Steps to Manifest More Money With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be summed up as ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you are what you think‘. Even if it seems like a simple affirmation, it defines the most powerful law of the universe – a law that affects absolutely everything.

It is manifested in every aspect of life, so it is crucial to understand it if you wish a more fulfilled life, and you aren't living it right now.

Here are 7 simple tips on how to attract money with the law of attraction.

Attract more money into your life.

1. You are what you think, so think money.

With no exception, the things that you keep thinking about are the things you will attract, whether you like it or not.

The more you focus on one thing with your thoughts, emotions and actions, the higher the attraction force.

Therefore, imagine you are rich and try to feel as such. Try to feel it within yourself, take a look at all that you have - which, if you're reading this article is surely plenty compared to most of the world - and be thankful for it! That is the easiest way to tune into the right vibrations.

2. Think positively of money.

Your attitude towards money makes all the difference; don’t give money too much importance - , but don’t consider it evil either.

Find a balance in your attitude about money. Don’t criticize money or people who have it, because your subconscious will take this conviction as real and will protect you by removing this wrong from your life.

The best attitude to cosider adopting is that money just flows through you.

Remember, the universe always gives us what our vibrations put out, no exceptions. If you think all rich people are evil, how do you think this affects the vibrations you put out to the universe in order to attract money?

3. Let the money flow.

Money must always flow – basic law of economy; it comes and goes all around us.

**Money is energy that can be used to create


Money is not made, but attracted. To attract it in your life, allow it to freely circulate and don’t get attached to it.

You probably know that keeping money under the mattress will never attract more money, it will even depreciate because of inflation. You must invest everything you get: in ideas that will create even more money - so that you create more with the help of the money you already have.

The money is just here to help you create what you want. That's it.

4. Be mindful of the words you use.

Be positive about your current material situation. In all likelihood, if you can read this, you are among the top 15% of wealthiest people on Earth.

As a matter of fact, erase the word ‘poverty’ from your vocabulary. Believe in every person’s right to be wealthy, accomplished and happy.

Think about the unlimited potential of the universe - it trully is unlimited, there is no lack anywhere except our minds.

5. Visualize what you want.

Your desires should be very clear and detailed. It all starts with your mind.

Think about it. manifesIf you can't clearly see what it is you want, how on Earth would you expect to get it? Think of it like this: If you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks you what you'd like to order - you better be pretty specific - otherwise you might end up with a meal you won't enjoy eating.

Thus, visualize your desires, feel them, enjoy life as if you already materialized them. Imagine spending money on all the things you want: shopping, vacations, cars etc. Your subconscious mind must know you are enjoying prosperity.

6. Treat money with respect.

This is a very important rule all rich and successful people understand: you have to love and respect money.

Do you take care of your money? If not, don’t expect it to flow through you for longer periods of time.

This may seem an overreaction, but there are people who talk and express their love to their banknotes. I'm sure that you have seen many movie scenes in which people kiss their money - and although it is unsanitary - giving appreciation and being grateful for the money you already have works and helps you attract more of it!

7. Dreaming is not enough.

Working in the same place for years, lazing around and complaining about your situation, all the while being afraid to risking anything in life ensures financial failure.

Besides positively thinking and visualizing abundance of money, you must also act. Find power to escape your routine and start making money. You already have the law of attraction on your side - you just need to understand that LoA is not magic - thought comes first, emotion follows thought, but it means nothing without ACTION!

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