7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People (video)

Having high emotional intelligence is arguably the most important type of intelligence to have in today's fast paced, inter connected world, where information gets from one person to another in an instant.

Emotionally intelligent people seem to get ahead in life with more ease than people with high scores in any other intelligence type, including IQ, because there is rarely anything we can do without communicating with other people.

This article will talk about the seven habits almost all emotionally intelligent people have.

Here are the 7 Habits of People with Extremely High Emotional Intelligence:

1. They focus on the positive.

Emotionally intelligent people run away from the negative and towards the positive.

  • They understand that the only way to go through life is by being positive.
  • They also understand that being positive doesn't mean being cheerful all the time, or devoid of bad emotions.
  • They are good at weeding out influences in their lives that do not serve their cause and goals.

2. They surround themselves with positive people.

Negative people are forces that are especially adept at draining us of life. Get rid of them!

You have the power to choose who you spend your time with. Jim Ronh was right when he suggested that our life success can be predicted by the five people we surround ourselves with most often.

Choose positive friends that will help you grow and get closer to your goal.

3. They are able to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary.

People with high emotional intelligence understand that they have to think about themselves first.

If you give up your power and let people walk all over you, you will not be of help to anyone else. People with high emotional intelligence understand this better than most.

[Be assertive and show where your boundaries are](https://www

.guidedmind.com/product/be-more-assertive) - let people know what line they aren't allowed to cross - without making them feel bad in the process.

4. They are forward thinkers and willing to let go of the past.

People who have high EQ know that dwelling on the past won't help them, so they let it go.

They understand that to go forward in life, they have to orient themselves towards the now and the future, and not be stuck in the past.

5. They look for ways to make life more fun, happy and interesting.

It is possible to make ourselves happier by making life more fun and more interesting. This can often be done by giving ourselves a good challenge, one that we can only solve by going out of our comfort zone.

People with high emotional intelligence understand that they can only grow by widening their comfort zone, so they seek for ways to do it often.

6. They choose how they expend their energy wisely.

There are ways to make our energy seem limitless. But it never really is.

We need to be think of energy just like we think of money - and choose to spend it wisely - so that in the future we will enjoy it in even more abundance.

7. They are continually learning and growing towards independence.

The only way to be able to be able to get life to give us everything it wants to is to be independent.

  • Independent of a certain boss - good enough to know that you will land on your feet even if you have to look for an ew job.
  • Independent of our friends opinions - being respectful towards their thoughts, but not so much that they govern our actions.
  • Even independent of our own emotions - they are good guides, but often they might leads us towards the wrong path, and emotionally intelligent people realize this.

What other commonalities have you noticed in people with high EQ?

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