8 Reasons You Should Start Communicating With Your Higher Self

Despite the global interconnectivity we experience on a daily basis with the influx of smartphone and communication technology, news sources will continue to poll that people feel lonelier than they ever have before.

It could be our heavy reliance on digital media for our news, entertainment and communication, that people are just not talking to each other like they used to and are not experiencing oneness with all life.

Hopefully we are all making personal strides to continue our physical relationships and not just tuning into our screens all the time. In these moments of absence, we should certainly not be neglecting time for ourselves as well; times to connect with our inner soul and spirit - the higher self.

In our busy day-to-day life it may seem like a huge chore to take a few minutes to ourselves. But during that time we are allowing ourselves that window which gives us necessary time to unwind, cleanse our mind from all the daily build up and sync our brain with our heart.

You can call it meditation if you want; being able to access our inner spirit, our tao, our divinity is an essential part of interpersonal growth and embetterment.

Connecting within gives you a number of benefits and leverages listed below, as we develop into being balanced individuals.

1. Find your centre.

We have good days, we have bad days. We get sad, happy, too excited, too lethargic - sometimes just one day feels like an entire movie trilogy of ups and downs!

That's just human nature, and there is nothing wrong with you. It is our gift to experience a range of emotions, and our mission to keep them under control.

Communicate with your higher self to find the right balance for you. Take moments to speak to yourself, smooth over the bumps, and keep a level head all day.

2. Focus on the long term.

With a level head, you will be able to appreciate your day to day life much more.

**You will be able to navigate your tasks effectively and be able to conquer your short term targets so you have more time to have a clear focus on your long term goals in life


The more time your short term goals have to build up, the farther away your true targets will stay. Cross over your day to day chores quicker, and get closer to your real purpose in life.

3. Be confident.

Once you’ve spoken to your inner self, you will become better acquainted with who you really are and what the best ways for you to react are.

You will learn when to say yes for yourself and when to say no. Bolder, more confident, more self aware.

You will have a firmer grip on your morals and ethics and understand the consequences of your decisions with more clarity, allowing you to make the best decisions, confidently, for yourself.

4. Relax your ego.

With a clear head, you are on your path to good decision making and overall happiness.

Sometimes when we get a little too excited or a little more successful than we imagined, we make sure to tell the whole world about it, even if in retrospect it's not such a good idea. The energy we carry after the good news of such things is so much that it can sometimes come across as overbearing or obnoxious.

We don’t want to be arrogant. Take your successes with a grain of salt - speak to your higher self to reach a humble attitude. Don’t let your ego guide your decisions; calm the ego down and make room for gratitude and polite acceptance.

5. Focus your perspective.

Another thing we get carried away with is our highs and lows.

We have to remember how fortunate we are to be from good countries with nice gadgets and great opportunities.

Sometimes when we get depressed we lose track of how lucky we are. Sure we’re allowed to get upset, and sadness is another emotion in life we are privileged to be able to feel.

Once you’ve communicated with your divinity on a more mature level, it will be easier for us to balance our inherent depression stages with a more global perspective of gratitude and thanks.

This will allow yourself to mourn for whatever it is, but be able to rebound and recover easier and quicker. You will be more apt to remember how lucky you are for everything else you have, and use that positive momentum to help others in the same situation.

6. Keep a journal of your achievements.

Being grateful, open minded, soulful and in tune with yourself is a fantastic achievement to be proud of.

If you’ve made time for yourself, reached new levels of clarity, or helped others because of it, you should be able to keep a small diary of this and document it as such.

Remember your pillars as you go, and call it a Gratitude Journal, or something you are comfortable with. Look to it whenever you feel down or need some reassurance. It will be a book you can always go to when you feel like you need a pick-me-up.

7. Appreciate your dreams.

Dreams are still something of an anomaly in the world of science. Thankfully that lets us still be able to interpret them with whatever filter we like.

What a treat, in this world of progress, that some of the most mysterious and mystical things we have to think about are happening right in our head.

With the positive mind you will develop by reaching to your divinity, you will experience more vivid and elaborate dream cycles, and be able to comfortably dissect them to your day-to-day life. Feel strong against nightmares and feel free to sleep soundly.

8. Develop patience.

It’s easy to lose your cool when something isn’t going as planned. That’s when you’ll be thankful that you are able to meditate peaceful at will and cool your engines when things start to heat up.

You’ll find your day a lot less stressful if you can rid yourself of things like road-rage and social anxiety at the proverbial water cooler. Don’t lose minutes of your life to being upset about anything. Just relax and entertain your patience everyday.