8 Telltale Signs that You're Smarter than You Think (video)

'I'm not smart enough to...' is a limiting belief that plagues many people. It is a belief that is holding those people back from even trying to go for what they want.

No matter what it is - be it to apply for a good college, start a business, go for that dream job, or something as trivial as feeling equal while socializing with educated, well read and smart people - if you lack belief in yourself because you think you're not smart enough, it will harm you.

If you are one of those people, please go through these eight signs - you might realize you're smarter than you thought!

Here are 8 Signs You're Smarter Than You Think.

1. You're always trying.

You realize that the only way to truly fail is to not give it a shot at all.

If you're now thinking - 'Hey! You just said that the belief that I'm not strong enough is holding me back from even trying' - all I can tell you is that even trying to break that belief is a try in itself.

Eventually, you will succeed.

2. You get the value of money.

The true value of money is not in the fancy watches, five star hotels and private resorts, premium restaurants or flashy cars.

The true value of money lies in what you can do with it's help to make this world at least a tiny bit better off than it was yesterday.

Money is like energy; you have a chance to spend it on something trivial, or on something that will improve both your own life, and that of others. Invest your money (and energy) wisely and think long term, like a millionaire.

A word of caution: Helping others is noble, but always help yourself first. If you can't help yourself, you will not be able to help others either.

3. You give credit where credit is due.

We all have at least one person in the life who has never done anything wrong, it's always somebody else's fault. But, when there's something that was done right, that person is the first to lign up and take the credit


Give credit where credit is due. By acknowledging other peoples contribution you are giving both them, and yourself, goodwill. What goes around, comes around.

4. You go with the flow and keep your calm.

Smart people have the ability to stay calm under pressure. They realize that being calm helps them keep focused on their goal in any situation.

Getting angry, screaming or loosing your temper rarely accomplishes anything.

5. You recognize when it's time to ask for help.

We are social beings. As such, we cannot go through life without the help of fellow human beings.

Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It's not a display of weakness. Asking for help when you need it shows that you have strong self awareness, a good sign that you are smarter than you thought.

Furthermore, maybe you don't need help from fellow humans, maybe you would rather ask help from your spirit guides - and that's OK too.

It's all OK, as long as it helps you solve your problem.

6. You love to learn.

It's obvious that smart people love learning.

Learning is far from just reading from a book trying to memorize certain parts of what you read, although this is a part of it. True learning is found in the road to understanding concepts.

7. You like to stay positive and keep your distance from negativity.

Keeping away from negative people is a sign that you are a smart person. It was often said on this blog, and it is worth repeating still - that you are the sum of (five?) people you spend most of your time with.

Choose the people you spend most of your time with wisely. They have a huge impact on both your current life, and the life you will lead in the future.

8. You are a drama-free zone!

Similar to the point above, attracting drama rarely accomplishes much. Instead of inviting positivity and growth in your life, it does the opposite.

Drama tends to suck you, get you to focus on the petty, meaningless details, and keeps you from seeing the big picture. Avoid it at all costs.

Staying above drama; calm, focused and optimistic even in times of trial shows that you are smarter than you thought!

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