8 Ways to Stop Procrastination

Start with asking yourself the question, do I procrastinate? Only you can answer this honestly. Whatever it is you’re putting off, will it go away? If not you're just storing up frustration for yourself. The reality is that life is full of stresses and demands and sometimes it can seem easier, in the short term, to just to go with the flow and allow things to happen or not. I’m afraid to tell you that this is a cop out, you know what you need to do, when it has to be done, what benefit you’ll get and if its realistic. Sound harsh? Someones got to say it and it might as well be me. The good thing is if you choose you can easily take charge of your life and finally get things done. Its all about self discipline, simple as that. Here are 8 very simple ways that you can begin to make a real difference to your life and end procrastination .

Trust yourself

You know your capabilities and what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Whats the worst that can happen? If you don’t succeed the first time learn from what could have been done better. Reflect, you’ll have the answers just find them. Don’t give up, this is a new experience for you and takes time to embed. It might take you a few tries before you get it right and don’t mistake right for perfect it is very different. Right is subjective, you know what you want to achieve and this process will determine what works for you.


Identify what are the specific things you keep putting off? Ask yourself the simple question, what is it about the task that makes it so off putting. Again start with the small stuff, when you break it down it can be very easy to rectify. For example if you just can't face that ironing, analyse the overall effect on you.

Lets look at this in more detail, I can hear you sighing already but give me a minute before you switch off, remember you’re reading this for a reason, so lets get orginized . Here’s the choices, pay someone to do it, get someone else to do it, don’t do it or do it. The choice is yours. But with everything in life there will be a consequence for you. There is some sort of cost whether its financial, emotional or practical

. But don’t forget the choice is yours. Probably if you don’t do it you’ll spend the rest of the week with the ironing board up in the kitchen or living room. There will no doubt be bundles of clothes lying about making the place look untidy. This can’t be good for your soul. You’ll also be ironing the rest of the week, probably in the morning and or at night. No wonder you put it off. Or say you take the bull by the horns i.e. take responsibility and put a couple of hours aside, say on a Saturday morning, I can’t see you being thrilled at the prospect but on the plus side it’ll be done you’ll never have to look at the ironing board or iron for a full week, your living environment will be tidy and think of the time it’s going to save you Bliss!


Don’t get distracted. Stick to the plan. Be conscious of the benefits and the rewards that you’re going to reap. Don’t make excuses, you’re fooling no one and you know it. If you can be more focused on the positive benefits of everything you do you can become more motivated to do it.

Set yourself timescales

Don’t sicken yourself. If you say that you’re going to take two hours, then take 2 hours or you could even set yourself goals to get it finished quick. However you do it just but get it done. Perhaps watch a film or listen to some music while you’re doing it. This will have a counterbalance effect. It won’t make it disappear but it may be more manageable, or not. The point is it needs to be done, you know you can do it, you’ve set the plan, you’re focussed and you know how long you have to complete it. Now get on with it.

Make lists

If it helps then a simple list can help increase productivity . Its very rewarding as you tick off or score threw your accomplishments, try it. Don’t get distracted or deviate from what you set out to do. The list will support the plan, be self aware.

Say No

Remember you don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate if you can, if you can’t perhaps it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed that drives your procrastination. Understanding this does not make you weak, it’s a strength to understand ourselves but you have to know where to go from here. If you can or don’t want to do the task then it’s ultimately up to you. But you always have the right to say no , please don’t forget it, it only sets unrealistic expectations on you.

Acknowledge the benefit

Be conscious about the benefits. Lets go back to the ironing scenario. Once its done acknowledge your achievement and what you’re going to gain; time, energy, you’ll be set up for the week, less frustration. I could go on and on but who am I to tell you how you will benefit, you know and you don’t need anyone to tell you but yourself.

Reward yourself, you deserve it

This can be simple or extravagant it up to you. It could be the peace of mind that its done, it could be the recognition that you done it, it could be the recognition that you paid someone to do it, it could be the fact that you hate it but you’ve still conquered it, banished it, eradicated it, even if its just for a week. Believe in yourself and you can do anything. You’ve done it.