Can I use The Law of Attraction to Attract my Perfect ...?

You can fill in the blank in the article title; perfect partner, perfect job, perfect house, perfect studio, perfect car, or even your perfect rubber duck.

What I am really saying is you can use the law of attraction to attract almost anything in your life, as long you are not messing with the minds of other people, by that I mean you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do.

You already know what you want.

The truth is, if you're looking to attract your perfect partner, perfict friends or perfect whatever, you already know the qualities that you are looking for without taking a note of them. Over the years you've taken mental notes and stored them away. Then when the heavens align and your perfect something comes along, you know immediately and take steps to bring it closer into your life.

You're a little vibrational machine, attracting to you what you want in life as long as you don't counteract it with thoughts of lack, or thoughts of being deprived in any way.

Counteracting thoughts.

When you say to yourself something like 'Oh I would love a BMW 7 Series in metallic green' and you look up to the skies to think about it and imagine driving it. That is like sending a message out into the world to bring about your BMW 7 Series. But then, two minutes later you snatch that message out of the hands of the universe, by saying something 'I'll never be able to afford that.' and you stop thinking about it. The universe says 'oh okay, they mustn't want the BMW, I'll cancel that request.'

Of course it's not as simple as that, you've got to take action to make your thoughts become reality.

Your thoughts require action.

Think about the time when you were sitting in work and you really wanted a cheeseburger. You didn't just think about it and it suddenly appeared. You thought about it, almost tasted it, and took action to bring it into your reality by going out at lunch time to get it


Your thoughts alone do not bring about your desires in life, however you must remain focussed for you to take action, and the more you think about your desire the more action you take, and the more action you take then your desire will eventually come into your reality.

When you try to manifest smaller things into your life, thinking about it can bring it into your reality as you are open to it coming into your reality. This might be something like a ten dollar bill, or a blue feather, or something obscure like that. This is the universe saying 'Okay, you asked for this, it wasn't a big order to fill, so here it is.'

The purple bowl experiment.

For the next seven days I would like you to think about, and bring into your reality, a purple ceramic bowl.

I know, this is a really strange thing to manifest into your life, but I deliberately made it a bit obscure so you know it will not be 'coincidence' that the purple bowl came into your life, as it's not a common object.

To do this experiment, just think about a purple ceramic bowl. Imagine it, see the colour, feel the texture, is it glazed? is it big? it's up to you. Think about this bowl in the morning, midday and each night before you go to bed and ask for the bowl to become a part of your reality.

Within 7 days, a purple bowl will somehow become a part of your reality :)

Let me know how you get on with your experiment.

Until then keep thinking abundance and cut down on your 'lack' thinking.