Attract your perfect partner and and feel happier and more content in life with this powerful blend of the law of attraction and guided mediation.

Attract Your Perfect Partner CD Album Cover
  • Have you been looking for your perfect partner for a while?
  • Do you sometimes feel as if your perfect partner is not out there?
  • Do you not want to settle for second best?
  • Would you like a way to attract your perfect partner into your life?

This album is part of our law of attraction meditation collection. This session specifically focuses ONLY on manifesting your perfect partner into your life. You will go on a deeper, inner journey within your own mind to shake up your thoughts and shape them to help you to attract your true soul mate.

Do you meet someone you secretly ask yourself if they are your perfect partner, dismissing them later on as they do something that doesn't fit your criteria, or perhaps you constantly seem to attract the WRONG kind of partner for you.

Finding your perfect partner may seem out of your reach just now, but it is really possible.

It may be hard to believe just now, but your perfect future partner is looking for you right now, and for them to find you, it's a matter of opening your mind to the possibility of it happening and manifesting it from your core - then they really can come into your life.

Using this guided meditation you can open your mind and release the powers of the law of attraction to finally attract your perfect partner

This guided meditation will help you to:

  1. Open you up to attract and accept your perfect partner into your life. This meditation you will open your mind, body, and energy to attract your partner to you. At the minute you might have some negative energy, reservations, worries, doubts - these are all mental blockages which will stop you from attracting the right partner. This meditation will remove these blockages and open you up to accepting and attracting your soul mate for real.
  2. Truly believe that your perfect partner is coming for you. Again, the importance of belief is critical. Once you truly start believing that you have a soul mate out there (who is also looking for you), that you can and will attract them, then things start aligning and you will meet them.
  3. Believe that you deserve your soul mate and to be happy. More than just believing that it is possible to attract your soul mate, you will KNOW that you DESERVE to meet your soul mate and be happy. This is of huge importance and during your magical journey in this mediation you will be given a technique to use to change the way you think about yourself and make you simply know that you deserve to be happy with your soul mate - and only then can it truly happen.

You may have tried using the law of attraction before to find your perfect partner only for it to fail you. This is because you are using your mind at the conscious level. Once you start to use the power of your subconscious mind, that's when things will really start to happen.

With the help of this guided meditation you will be able to reach your subconscious mind using the combination of meditation guided visualization and the law of attraction principles. You will actually meet your soul mate, you will really attract them to you in real life, and you really can find each other and live happily together!

What to Expect

The beginning of this meditation will get you ready with a deep relaxation session for both your body and mind.

You will then travel to a beautiful spot in nature to help your reach the deep levels of your subconscious mind, needed for the law of attraction to work.

You will then meet your perfect partner and have a conversation with them in preparation for meeting them in real life.

Short Term

Because you will be so vividly meeting your soul mate though the visualization in this meditation session it will start to feel more and more natural, after just a little while you will KNOW you are attracting your perfect partner and you will start to notice changes and coincidences in your daily life.

Long Term

After a little time you will actually feel things aligning for you. You will start to have coincidences and things happening in your life like a chain of events. Often this will lead you out of the ordinary into a new situation where you will meet your perfect partner.

Relax, be open to saying yes to some new things, follow some new opportunities and invitations and you will find yourself meeting your future partner.

Start to sculpt your mind to help you to relax, open up and acquire the right set of beliefs to truly attract your perfect partner into your life with the help of this unique meditation session.