Common and Specific Questions About Guided Mind Albums

In this, last part of the FAQ series, Steven will cover some technical questions relating to guided meditations and our albums.

In the previous few days we've dug up some old videos of Steven Aitchinson talking about guided meditations and answering basic questions about the guided meditations on our Youtube channel, and then talking about safety and guided meditations.

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Here are those technical questions about guided meditation and the albums you can listen for free online at Guided Mind:

  • Who is the voice?
  • How long are your albums?
  • How often should I listen to the albums?

Who is the voice?

Hi, and welcome back to another frequently asked questions. The question today is 'Who is the Voice?'

My name is Steven Aitchison and I am the voice for all the guided meditations here on the Guided Mind site.

My background is psychology - I've got a degree in psychology back in 2000. I've got my BSc degree in Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University, and ever since then I've studied the human mind through self help.

I've been deeply interested in self help and personal development for a number of years, and in 2006. I've started a popular blog Chage your thoughts to change your life.

The blog is still ongoing - it's one of the blogs that has been going on the longest on the internet, and I'm considered the UKs number one personal development blogger.

I've also written a number of books that you can find on Amazon, and written a number of guides that you can also find online.

**In a nutshell, that's who I am. You can always find more information by reading it on other sites, or on GuidedMind's blog post titled: [Who is Steven Aitchison](https://www**

We've written about this question a bit differently in our FAQ, so check it out here.

How long are your albums?

'How long are the albums?'

Most of the albums are 20 minutes in lenght.

You've got three sections to each album:

  1. You've got a relaxation section.
  2. You've got a visualization section.
  3. And you've got a guided journey section as well.

Number two and three kind of go hand in hand - they are both guided journes. The second part is really to strenghten your visualization skills.

So each album lasts 20 minutes, with the exception of addiction albums, which last for 30 minutes, and also another few of the albums that may last a little longer than 20 minutes.

So, to be exact, most of the albums last 18 to 22 minutes, with the exception of addiction albums which last about 30 minutes.

We've written about this question a bit differently in our FAQ, so check it out here.

How often should I listen to the albums?

Today's question is 'How often should I listen to the albums?'

What I would recommend to you is to listen to the guided meditations that you've chosen every day for two weeks, at least once per day.

If you can manage it, I would listen to it twice per day, and recommend you listen to it in the morning and at night. This is when your brain is most succeptible and your subconscious mind is more open at these particular times.

  • You will find your own way, everybody is different - but a minimum should be every day, at least once a day, for two weeks.
  • Then after that, maybe every couple of days for another two weeks.
  • Then maybe after you've listened to guided meditations for a month or so, listen to them once per week for another two months.

That should effect change, depending on what you're looking to do and depending on the mindset that you're looking to achieve, or the old habbit you're trying to break.

We've written about this question a bit differently in our FAQ, so check it out here.

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