How Can We Create and Experience a Life of More Abundance?

Welcome to part nine of our 10 part 'consciousness and spiritality' series. This article will explore the age old question of - how to live a life of more abundance.

How to Invite More Abundance Into Your Life.

First, recognize that abundance isn’t something you can’t really create at the individual level. You can’t earn your way into abundance through a human-level causality chain.

It’s not a matter of making enough money or acquiring enough assets. If you feel like you don’t have enough now, and you add more, you still won’t feel that it’s enough. The more you acquire, the more you’ll want.

Abundance is a result of how you channel your power.

If you channel your energy towards scarcity, you’ll attract more scarcity.

Scarcity is a perfectly valid thing to explore, so if that’s where your energy is going, you’ll experience a scarcity-bound existence. Some of us have to explore scarcity, and if your energy is already flowing in that direction, you might as well help us work on that assignment.

If you resist scarcity, you’re only going to direct more energy into it because you have to think about it and have feelings about it to resist it.

Your thoughts and feelings channel energy. So if you want to stop creating scarcity, you need to stop feeding it energy, which means you have to stop obsessing over it. You also need to begin channeling energy into something other than scarcity.

The way that I did this was to understand that by resisting scarcity, I was only making it stronger. So I started doing the opposite.

  • I began feeling grateful for it.
  • I began to welcome it.
  • I imagined having an amazing life as a broke, homeless person with few or no possessions.

Of course some part of me was still internally resisting this idea, but I kept cancelling out that resistance by sending out a counter-signal with an opposing frequency.

This is how you cancel the scarcity experience - or any other experience you’ve been creating and resisting. Instead of fighting the experience, you welcome and embrace it

. Surrender to it. See it as fun.

From scarcity to abundance.

Stop trying to use your power to push against the flow of what’s already arising. The harder you push, the harder the universe pushes back. If you’re receiving scarcity, and you’re pushing back against scarcity, that will only keep you stuck.

Instead of paddling against the flow, paddle with it, at least initially. You’ll go faster that way, and your energy will multiply because you’ll pick up speed from the pre-existing flow.

So if you’re getting scarcity, then say a huge yes to scarcity. Let it exist. Let yourself experience scarcity. Pretend that this is what you actually want to experience right now.

This alone will help a great deal.

  • If you do it right, you’ll feel a sense of relief.
  • You’ll feel lighter.
  • You might start laughing at yourself and your situation.
  • People may think you’ve gone a bit nuts. But you’ll feel stronger.
  • You’ll sense that you’re finally stepping back into your power.

Once you feel you’ve stopped resisting scarcity, then you can begin directing your energy towards creating abundance.

You can do this by taking the positive energy flow you’re creating with scarcity and begin to turn it. Don’t immediately reverse course and paddle against the flow. Just start nudging it to the side a little.

Practise gratitude.

A great way to do this is by practicing gratitude.

See the seed of abundance that already exists within your experience of scarcity. Start appreciating everything you can. Appreciate each bite of food, each breath of air, and every smile. Go for a walk and appreciate being outside. See what a rich life you’re already living.

  • Whenever an opposing thought comes up, do your best to allow it to be there.
  • Thank it for being there.
  • Forgive it for coming up.
  • Tease yourself for having it.
  • But don’t fight it. Don’t argue with it. Don’t resist it.

If you practice this enough, then eventually you can progress beyond scarcity and explore abundance. It’s important to note that scarcity and abundance are both valid explorations.

It’s difficult to invite abundance while trying to make scarcity wrong. If you try to make scarcity wrong, you’ll channel more energy into it, and most likely you’ll drag it along with you.

Are you good at focusing your energy without much help?

If not, then it may be wise to stick with scarcity a while longer.

One benefit of scarcity is that it can help you focus. If you see fewer opportunities available to you, your choices aren’t as complex.

On the abundance side, you may perceive fewer limits, but then you need to get better at focusing your energy instead of having reality focus it for you.

I find that when I’m doing a good job of focusing and channeling my energy and living my life as the conscious explorer that I desire to be, scarcity remains at bay, and my daily experience is one of richness and abundance. My needs are satisfied. I exist in a reality of plenty. I’m in the flow. Resources and opportunities show up with ease.

But when I start drifting and my focus becomes blurry, I sometimes feel the signature of scarcity nipping at my heels.

It serves as a gentle reminder to sharpen my focus and channel more energy deliberately if I want to keep exploring within the realm of abundance. I appreciate having that reminder to focus and to keep the energy flowing.

Energy likes to flow towards those who can and will channel it consciously. When the will and the ability are lacking, the energy flows elsewhere.

Written by Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina is a human alarm clock - he wakes up people who are sleeping through life. Steve has a personal development blog for smart people, which you can follow here: