How to Improve Your Life's Success by Raising Your Vibrations

If you want to change any aspect of your life, you first have to change your habitual way of thinking and feeling.

This article will show you why our thoughts are things, and why raising our vibrations is the ONLY way to change the things you manifest and attract into your life.

Let’s begin.

Vibrations - They Key to Success or Failure, to Wealth or Poverty, to Health or Disease.

Everything is energy. Starting from the tiniest stones and the ground, all the trees and flowers, the animals, the humans, planet Earth, the Sun, the galaxy, the entire Universe - if you put it all under a microscope you’ll discover that everything moves, all atoms are in constant motion - it is all energy!

I don’t limit this statement only to the tangible animate and inanimate things. When I say it’s all energy, I mean EVERYTHING - including your thoughts and emotions! As a matter of fact, your thoughts and emotions are probably the most potent form of energy in the entire Universe!

Every single atom is in constant vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. For example, water is consisted of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. They combine together because they all vibrate at a certain frequency which corresponds to one another.

Try putting two drops of water next to each other, and you’ll quickly realize that they’ll "attract" each other and turn into one bigger drop of water. Now do the same with a drop of water and a drop of oil.

What happens? They repel each other, right? They can’t combine themselves because they vibrate at an entirely different frequency.

Let me give you another abstract example. Have you noticed how our voice frequencies affect many outside objects? For example, somebody can produce shrieks that can break a nearby glass. Isn’t that strange? To do it just with the power of your voice - isn’t it interesting?

Well that’s because the glass and the vocal sounds vibrate at the same frequency and they influence each other


Did you know that success, abundance, wealth, health, happiness - all of them have certain vibrations that can be voluntary produced by your thoughts and emotions?

You can even feel it... Listen to some highly successful individual talk about the way he or she is thinking. Watch some of their interviews, watch them how they walk, observe and try to feel the aura their entire being is producing. You can feel their success, confidence and self-respect.

Then do the same with a less successful individual. Or observe a sick person... There’s a sickness in the air that you can feel even without them doing any talking at all.

There’s a scale of vibrations and we can consciously decide to raise our vibrations. Start thinking in a positive way. Make your thoughts pure and improve your life by restructuring your paradigm also known as your conditioned mind - your subconscious beliefs and thoughts that represent your core vibration.

The moment you start entertaining thoughts of love, compassion, bliss, kindness, gratefulness, confidence, abundance, health - you instantly raise your vibrations. Turn this into a habit - and you’re a completely new person!

On the other side, all negative emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, jealousy, resentment, guilt, anger and alike - they lower your levels of vibrations and you "break windows" wherever you go. You are literally attracted to everything that is has a corresponding frequency of vibration, and trust me-– you’re not going to enjoy the things that will come in your life!

Now don’t get me wrong - this is not an article on positive thinking. Although positive thinking is a phenomenal vibration to be in, you can decide to entertain thoughts of power, abundance, wealth, and influence - all of these will raise your vibrations and they’ll certainly create the kind of circumstances you find dear and desirable.

Ways to Enhance Your Thoughts and Make Them Better.

1. Change Yourself by Changing Your Surroundings.

You have probably heard the saying that "you become like the people you are surrounded with" many times in your life . It is very logical.

If you are constantly surrounded with the same people, same conversations, same ideas, same emotions, same discussions and opinions on life, on success, on money and so on - it is logical to start thinking the same way.

You don’t often find rich people living or hanging out where poor people live. There are always exceptions to this rule, but if you analyze those exceptions closer you’ll quickly realize that they are just that - exceptions. Their vibrations just don't match.

If you surround yourself with successful people, you are on your way to becoming one yourself!

Ask yourself right now:

  • Who am I surrounded with?
  • Are my friends, my family, my associates, my neighbors – are they positive people who influence me in a good way?
  • What are their opinions on life?
  • Do they make me laugh or not really?
  • What are their opinions on finances and wealth?
  • Do they attract money and abundant lifestyle?
  • What about health?
  • Are they happy?

2. Detoxification Time for the Body.

Your body becomes what you eat.

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The food you eat has influence on your thoughts and emotions. The food can be your catalyst to greater health and higher levels of vibrations, but it can also be the destroyer that has exactly the opposite effect.

  • What do you eat most of the time?
  • How do you feel after your meals?
  • Is the food you intake giving you fresh energy and vigor?
  • Is it lifting you up and making you feel wonderful, or is it making you feel tired and angry?

Start detoxing your body.

  • Do not eat any processed foods.
  • Do not eat food with preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.
  • Choose organic food without any pesticides.
  • I suggest that you eliminate meat and dairy products as much as you can, and if it is so hard for you - at least limit yourself to chicken and fish and goat milk and cheese.
  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke any cigarettes.

When your body feels light, fresh and energetic - your Mind responds to it instantaneously! Start raising your vibrations by changing your diet.

If you just follow these few simple tips, you won’t be able to recognize yourself in a month or two!

3. Detoxification Time for the Mind.

You become what you think about.

It’s true. And you will never be able to control what you think if you don’t meditate. Meditation gives you clarity and control. It will not only change your thinking pattern, it will improve your health and wellbeing as well.

Live in the present moment. Practice mindfulness and meditation every day. Maybe it will be a difficult thing to do at the beginning, but with time it will become a habit and then you won’t be able to stop it. It will become your new obsession!

With meditation you will connect to your higher self, you will become wiser and a more stable individual. Positive thoughts will become a natural way of thinking for you. Not only that, but you’ll connect with the Divine and you’ll develop your most amazing intellectual faculty - your intuition!

Start by meditating 15 minutes a day, by focusing on your breathing, and then scale up until you reach at least 45 minutes daily. Take classes and pick a mentor if you need help.

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Visualization for living in Abundance, Happiness and Health.

Napoleon Hill once said: "Imagination is the most powerful, the most miraculous thing the world has ever known." He was right!

All successful stories have their origin in the imagination of the person who created them. Every big dream and every reality once started as a single idea in someone’s imagination.

Take an airplane for example. Before we were able to fly in thy sky and travel for 20 hours to the other site of the world, someone had to think about and originate that idea in their imagination. And that someone was not even an engineer or an inventor. It was the Wright brothers - two bicycle mechanics from Ohio.

The skyscrapers, the boats, the computers, the Internet, the smart phones - they all started in the imagination as a single thought.

You too can create your success and live an abundant lifestyle by starting it in your imagination through the effective use of visualization.

How can you expect to live the good life, if you’re not willing to think the "good" thoughts? You have to create what you want!

Stop letting your present circumstances control your way of thinking and feeling, and decide that you will create your future by using your imagination.

Start to regularly visualize the kind of life you desire to have. Entertain powerful and positive thoughts and see yourself living your dreams.

Don’t just see it, but feel it! Feel as if it was real and happening right now. Concentrate on the sensations that this new lifestyle triggers in your guts.

Choose what is it you want - greater wealth, greater health or greater happiness - and then start visualizing it.

  • See yourself going to work with a big smile on your face and feel joy every second of your work experience.
  • See the money in your hands and feel how nice it is to hold it.
  • Live in your new house.
  • Drive your new car in your imagination.
  • Visualize how you eat healthy foods and exercise every day.
  • See yourself with your ideal partner deeply in love, feel the feeling as if it was real.

Understand that you will never experience these circumstances if you first don’t "see yourself" and believe that you are capable of living this way. You can’t. If you want to hold it in your hand, you have to first see it in your head.

Raise your vibrations by raising your thoughts and emotions.

Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrational State.

Every single bit of information that comes to our mind is a form of suggestion, or in a way autosuggestion, because we’ve let it enter our mind.

If you’re constantly watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper and you hear about all the junk that the media loves to present to us, be aware that this will influence your belief system. It makes you think certain thoughts that (usually) lower your vibrations.

The same goes when you listen to random conversations outside, whether it is your friends, your colleagues at work, your family, or simply the random people at the street. All those ideas enter your mind - and guess what - 90% of them are negative.

Unfortunately, that’s the way our surroundings are. It now makes sense why only 1% of our population earns about 95% of all the money that’s being earned.

It is no coincidence why only certain kind of people live a long and healthy life and why the majority struggles with disease and pain. It is no wonder why only a few families are truly happy and live in love and compassion, and why the majority is faced with divorce, cheating, boredom and depression.

Choose to feed your mind with positive autosuggestions. One of the best way to do this, is by using affirmations on a regular basis. Affirmations are simply positive statements we keep affirming to ourselves for as long as it takes until we start to finally believe them or until they become part of our subconscious belief system.

You can do this. Everyone can do it! You can consciously decide to raise your vibrations by using powerful affirmations.

Read each of these affirmations for 5 minutes during the day:

  • I am a healthy and happy human being. I love myself and my life.
  • My life seems to be touched by magic. Everything I touch turns into gold.
  • Money is literally attracted to me. I am getting wealthier every single day.
  • I am happy and grateful that I own multiple streams of income which keep bringing me more and more money on a constant basis.
  • My love life is perfect! I love my partner with all my heart and soul.
  • I believe in my capability to achieve my goals.

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When you read the affirmations, put real power in your voice and verbalize your words with emotion. At first you might not believe in these statements, but with time, they will entirely sink in your subconscious.

Don’t limit yourself to these. There are thousands of affirmations you can find on the net, but remember, the best ones are the affirmations relevant to your life’s situation and you’re better off if you create them by yourself.

Last Thoughts.

I know that our circumstances can be overwhelming some times. Unfortunately our surrounding is highly negative most of the time.

Negative ideas on the TV, the creditors are asking you to pay off the debt, the bills keep filling the mailboxes, the rent is 2 months late, the family seems to fall apart - to many people this is a normal way of living.

With these tools you can start creating your own future and you’ll do all of that by raising your vibration right now, in this moment.

It will take some time, but the rewards you’ll reap afterwards will amaze you! Take control over your life, manifest your dreams, and live the destiny YOU choose to have!

Zdravko Lukovski is a blogger, a full-time digital marketing manager and a dedicated personal development enthusiast who is always curious and hungry for more knowledge. He loves to meditate and visualize on a regular basis, and he's using affirmations the same way he's using water and food. A day without growth is a lost day in his life.

He's the owner of Enlightenment Portal and several other self improvement blogs, and if you like this article, please visit his website and get yourself a FREE COPY of his "How to Become Your Best Self Book".