How to Manifest Your Desires With Speed & Precision Using Guided Meditation

One of the biggest discoveries I have made over the years about manifestation is that the process can be speeded up, truly it can.

I accidentally stumbled upon this when I really got in meditation, and used guided meditation as part of my overall practice. Then when I found out that you could combine the visualization techniques in guided meditation with the Law of Attraction, that's when everything changed for me, and the manifestation process became so much easier.

Why visualization works so well.

Right now, think of the most beautiful or most handsome person you know. When you picture that person in your mind a whole host of physiological responses begin to surge through your body; your heart rate quickens, the emotions of desire fills you, appreciation, gratitude and a feeling of love may engulf you.

This is all done with a simple visualizing of a person you find beautiful or handsome. That's exactly what happens when you use visualization and the Law of Attraction.

Your brain and visualization.

When you visualize something in your mind, your brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, which is why you have a physiological response when you think of someone you desire. If your brain could distinguish between your imagination and a real life event, it would turn off the physiological responses you get when you imagine something.

This is absolutely huge and you can use this knowledge to drastically speed up the manifestation process.

Images in the mind.

If I use words to describe to you the most beautiful painting in the world, you might get a little curious and want to check out the painting. However, if I showed you the painting without saying a word, the emotions you feel, the appreciation, the feelings you get are magnified tenfold, than if I was describing it to you with my words.

![law of attraction dream house](images/content/law-of-attraction-dream-house

.jpg) This is how images in our minds helps us to attract to us the things we want in life. With images we don't just see; we feel excitement, our desire grows stronger, our energy increases, our positive thoughts towards our desire is magnified, our physiological responses change dramatically. In effect, we experience the very visualizations we are processing in our minds. This is the power of visualization, and using tools such as guided meditation is an amazing way to strengthen the manifestation process.

That's why when I write a guided meditation I use images as my inspiration such as 21 Stunning Images You Can Meditate on

The Reality Gap.

Whilst studying the powerful combination of the Law of Attraction and guided meditations, we discovered something called 'The Reality Gap'.

The reality gap is difference between what you desire and what you actually believe you can have in your life.

For example if you use the principles of the law of attraction to try and manifest one million dollars into your life, the likelihood is that you don't truly believe that the one million dollars will be coming to you, therefore your energy, emotions, and belief about manifesting one million dollars will plummet, and your desire will drop. So, the gap between your desire and the manifestation of that desire is huge.

However, if you use guided meditation combined with the Law of Attraction principles the gap between your desire and the manifestation of that desire is drastically reduced. This is due to the fact that when we use visualization, we bring everything together such as our strong emotions, our desire, more positive thoughts, stronger beliefs, and our determination grows.

The reality gap can be closed even more if we practice guided meditation and the Law of Attraction on a daily basis.

There is so much more I could write about with the Law of Attraction and using guided meditation, but I wanted to give you a short introduction, and hopefully you'll get excited enough to try the process out for yourself, after all it's the only way to experience the powerful effects I am talking about here.

I would love to hear all your success stories using this technique, so leave a comment below and let me know what you think.