The 12 Habits of Happy Couples

A habit is a consistent and regular pattern of behavior. You can choose to create a positive or a negative habit and once you start them, they become an unconscious act. Habits have a powerful impact in a relationship thus the need to be conscious when creating routines.

You will need to make an effort to practice them in order for it to become second nature. It normally takes twenty one days to establish a habit whether it is positive or negative.

The 12 Habits of Happy Couples.

1. Happy couples settle their disputes peacefully.

When angry, it is essential to avoid yelling or even saying words that you cannot take back. There should be a plan for each one person to walk away.

If (when) arguments arise, they forgive each other quickly.

2. They spend quality time together.

With busy schedules, couples forget to relax and enjoy themselves. However, it is vital to create sometime for each other. Two people can be sitting right next to each other yet they are miles apart.

3. Appreciate and help each other to grow.

When there is an open appreciation for the significant other, it leads to a productive and fulfilling peaceful relationship. Such couples celebrate their achievements and encourage each other’s ambitions and goals. This leads to self development.

4. Happy couples live with integrity.

They are able to trust each other and know that they have not been taken advantage of. It is essential to live daily with integrity, fairness and reliability.

5. They are devoted and loyal.

True love and real friendship is not about being inseparable. Love is about two people being true to each other even when they are not together. When it comes to relationships, being faithful is not an option but a priority.

6. Love and respect each other as individuals.

It is essential not to rely on your significant other or even anyone else for your self worth and happiness. You are the only one who can be responsible for that. If you cannot love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to.

7. Support each other during good and bad times.

You should be there through the bad, sad and happy times

. Know that you can count on each other and be available not only when it is convenient but when it is needed the most. Happy couples care deeply for one another.

8. Know that every relationship is different.

You should never compare your relationship to anyone else. Every couple has their own love rules, habits and arguments. Focus on the two of you and make your relationship to be the best it can be.

9. There is an emphasis on listening and communication.

No one can read minds therefore your partner cannot tell how you are feeling if you do not talk to them. Be clear and specific with yourself on what you want and make an effort to know what the needs of your partner are.

10. Turn negatives into positives.

If the two of you are honest with each other and with yourselves, you should look at the negatives and list them. Work as a team to handle each negative one by one.

11. Work on thoughtfulness everyday.

People that are successful in their relationships nurture their partners often. You need to ask yourself what you can do today to make the life of your better half better.

12. Have realistic expectations.

Relationships are not what you see in the movies. They happen as each person values the other and is willing to make an investment of time in their relationship. They know that not all days will be full of romance and passion.