Unify World Spirit Day Global Meditation

We all know the huge benefits of meditation in our own lives and how it can completely change our way thinking, making us feel more calm, relaxed, be free from stress and able to think much more clearly.

When we meditate for any length of time we create an energy around us; others can feel just how calm, relaxed and at peace we are. Imagine then what would happen if the whole world meditated at exactly the same time in every corner of the globe. If we can personally change our energy when we meditate, then the energy of the world could be changed if millions of people could do it around the world.

That's exactly what Unify believe can happen.

Changing The World

Unify believe that the collective consciousness of the world can be changed by coming together to meditate in this way.

I am a firm believer that the collective consciousness can be changed, one person at a time as we strive to reach our higher self with the power of our minds, and what better way to do that than orgnanizing a global event to affect this change.

What Unify Say

"Coming together to meditate may not seem like likely to create a profound change in the world, but we believe that not only does it change the way we see the world, but that there is evidence that it can directly influence both events around us and at a distance.

Unify has been organising globally synchronised meditations for two and a half years, starting with the much prophesized and speculated-about date of December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice of that year. There are several meditation events that we organise, or participate in, every year, but the largest ones are timed with the four cardinal points of the year, the June and December Solstices and the March and September Equinoxes. At that time people gather together around the world and focus their prayers and meditations collectively as one. Or, as we say, we ‘Unify’!

Some people gather in physical events where hundreds of people meditate in public spaces, at festivals, or at other locations. A lot of people join in from around the world individually, or in small groups in their homes, gardens, or local parks

. Through the power of social media and the internet, we organise across the planet and in dozens of countries and bioregions. The next one is going to be at Noon, Pacific Time on June 21 and for the first time we have more than 10,000 people committed to meditate at the same time together.

Why do we do this? Well, firstly, it’s fun. Meditation has many direct health benefits that have been repeatedly proven. It clears the mind, it reduces stress, it allows you to step out of the day-to-day runnings of the world and into the self-existing emptiness that is always there. Meditating can give us new perspectives, creates the room for new insights to come through, and relaxes both the mind and body into an integrated state of functioning. Joining together with other people to meditate reinforces the practice. It can make it easier to sit and just make time to breath, reflect, and be empty for a few moments."

We also Unify because we believe that it makes a difference to the collective consciousness of the planet. To understand how this works, you need to look at the research that has been done by organisations like Transcendental Meditation on the effects group meditation has on crime rates locally, or the research that the Global Coherence Initiative has done on positive impact of people engaging in meditation can have, not just on those participating, but on everyone around them. No matter what you believe, ‘Unifying’ is still fun, healthy, and may just raise your vibration as well as those of the people around you and the planet as a whole.

Guided Meditation is the ultimate life hack is a great way to help us mentally, physically and spiritually and I think what Unify are doing is totally amazing.

Why not join in us here at Guided Mind and Unify to help change the consciousness of the world on December the 21st.