10 Point Check List to Live a Good Life

You have the power to make your life better, more meaningful and less dreadful. It is all about the people, feelings and thoughts in which you invest your time and energy. Here are 10 points to consider in order to lead a more joyful life filled with less stress and less worry about that which doesn't matter.

Here is the 10 Point Check List to Live a Good Life.

1. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

The energy you put in is the energy that comes back to you. If you treat others badly, you give out bad vibes to the Universe, and those vibes will come back to you in some form or another.

Treat people with respect and kindness. We all deserve it, no matter who we are. In the end, we all want to do the good things for the whole World, but often we don't feel like we have enough power for that - so we tend to at least do good for ourselves and the people we love.

2. Try not to judge anyone.

Everyone has a story. A reason why they do what they do. You can't ever fully understand that story, so don't judge anyone.

This world thrives on variety, and we all have a destiny to fulfill - to life a unique life no one has ever lived before. If we were all the same, then our destinies would be unfulfilled.

3. Give from the heart and don't expect anything in return.

It is easy to give something when you know that you will get something in return. Give out from your heart, but don't expect anything in return - not even a thanks or a smile.

Keep in mind that, as discussed in this article already, the energy you give out will in some shape or form come back to you. Good things come to those that give form the heart.

4. Let go of the anger and move on.

We make choices about how we feel about certain things. So we may choose to feel angry as a response to a certain situation - for example our favorite team losing a game.

The more times we repeat the feeling of anger when our team loses, the more ingrained it will be in us and the harder it will be to let go of it

. But it is possible, with practice of meditation among others. Let go of your past anger and move on. You will feel much better once you do this.

5. Never hold a grudge, either drop them or forgive them.

Holding a grudge is not productive for you. The other person might even not know or care about it.

What is productive is to either forgive that person for whatever transgression they have made against you, or forget about them and don't see them again.

6. Stop gossiping about other people.

Gossiping went out in high school! Stop doing it - not only is it in poor taste, but you are only hurting yourself, and here's how:

When you gossip, you bond with another person (to whom you are gossiping to) with energy that is underlying negative. Karma is bound to get you back.

7. Make time for yourself.

Making time, at least 20 - 30 minutes a day during which you can relax, is extremely important for your mental wellbeing.

No matter how busy you are, there is enough time in the day to devote at least a bit of it to yourself.

8. Make time for your friends and family.

Your presence matters! Your friends and family appreciate when you are around, even if you have other things to do.

Any relationship will deteriorate over time, just like anything else, unless properly maintained. So make time for your friends and family, especially when something really important is going on in their lives.

9. Get past your front door and discover this amazing world we live in.

We live in a big world full of adventures to be had, cool people to meet, amazing things to do and ways to grow.

But all of this rarely happens if all you do is sit inside your house wishing you had those adventures, that you've met those cool people, that you've done those amazing things and grown as a human being.

10. Be kind.

By being kind to others you are showing them that you care for them and appreciate them. Be kind to all living things, not just people.

I promise you that when you make kindness a habit - you will feel much better about yourself too, as others have a way of reciprocating to kindness with kindness, and we all need to feel like somebody else appreciates us from time to time.

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