10 Smart Ways to Practice Self Care (video)

Caring for yourself is something you need to do on a day to day basis. Small actions you take can greatly impact your life in a positive way.

Many of these 10 things you can do to take care of yourself on a daily basis can be done both if you have just a little bit of time and if you have commitments to your family.

10 Ways to Practice Self Care.

Taking the time out for yourself every day is important - even for just 20 minutes that you can use to meditate. Our full library of guided meditations can help you in many ways - check them out here.

1. Watch your favorite movie.

Watching your favorite movie is sure to put you in a good mood and will reinforce in yourself the belief that you have enough time to invest in your personal development.

If you have children or a hubby, or just want to chill with friends, watching your (and their) favorite movie can be a great bonding experience where you get to talk about your most and least favorite parts.

2. Take a nice relaxing bath.

Every bath during which you have enough time to devote to just sunk into the bathtub and enjoy yourself is bound to be relaxing and set a great tone for the evening and for the next morning.

Take out at least a day out of each week, no matter how busy you are, to devote to yourself in a warm bath that washes all the worries away.

3. Burn your favorite candle or diffuse your favorite oil.

Our sense of smell is very powerful and sends signals to the brain about how we should be feeling in that moment.

Lighting your favorite scented candle or diffusing oil you like will stimulate the right places in your brain to relax you.

4. Turn off the electronics for a few hours.

Being constantly connected to everyone else is stressful. To get rid of that stress, turn of your mobile phone, your laptop, your TV - all electronics for at least half an hour


You can use that time to meditate, read a book, take a bath, a walk, or whatever else you please.

I promise that you will feel much better if you take the time out of every week during which your electronic devices are turned off.

5. Go for a walk, hike or run.

Walking, hiking or running doesn't have to be just about exercise can be a meditative experience you do alone, during which no one else bothers you.

It is time you take for yourself that can help you clear your head and arrange your thoughts. And it can help you learn to love exercising.

6. Write a list of everything you are grateful for.

If you want to be happy, be grateful! It is a statement made by David Steindl-Rast during this amazing Ted talk you should watch (during the time you devote for yourself!):

Simply put, when you are grateful for all that love gives you right now - you are happy!

You always have something to be grateful for, even if you don't believe it this very moment. If you find it hard to be grateful, just take a look at the number of people who don't even have the basic creature comforts; or try out our Be more grateful guided meditation.

7. Buy yourself some flowers.

When was the last time you bought yourself some flowers?

Buying flowers is a great way to take care of ourselves because we usually get them only during celebrations and birthdays, so your brain interprets buying flowers as a really positive sign!

Try it out. :)

8. Stretch.

Stretching is a great way to kick-start our body in the morning, or help it get back on track during the day.

When our body works - our mind works too. Stretching heals both your mind and your body!

9. Drink water.

Often times when we are hungry, cranky or tired, we are really only dehydrated and thirsty.

Drink more water, make a schedule to force yourself to drink at least 3 or 4 liters (roughly a gallon) a day, and notice the difference.

10. Give yourself a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

Treat yourself!

Nothing will make you feel like you are caring for yourself like caring for and treating your body and making yourself look more beautiful.

Facials, manicures and pedicures are not just about vanity, they are also the times during which you can relax knowing that you are doing something good just for you.

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