Our core healing meditation - tap into the power of your subconscious mind to help to heal your mind and body.

Heal Your Mind and Body CD Album Cover
  • Do you feel generally unwell a lot of the time?
  • Do you suffer from mild depression or anxiety?
  • Are you prone to stress?
  • Would you like a way to heal both your body and mind to feel great again?

Feeling generally unwell with no specific cause can start to get you down, leading to depression and low level anxiety. You can help yourself to fix this and get out of the cycle of feeling unwell back to being healthy again.

People who suffer from a general state of illness, mentally or physically, find it difficult to get back on to the healthy track. This guided meditation can help. It isn't a miracle solution, and it certainly isn't a substitute for medical attention or the advice of your doctor..

However, it is our core, general health meditation - our mind is all powerful - illness start in the mind and a change of attitude or focus can really change things. And this album will help you to tap directly into your mind to do exactly this.

It is amazing what we are capable of, what the human mind can achieve, and in this visual journey you will travel through your own mindscape with the aim of healing your mind and body.

In this meditation you will:

  • Gain a new lease of life. When your body has become used to feeling generally unwell, it sets a pattern in your mind and body. Interrupt this pattern and gain a new lease of life.
  • Be given a special gift just for you. On your guided journey you will be given a unique gift that you will be able to use every single day to make you stronger, mentally and physically.
  • Learn to relax both your body and mind at a deep level. You will begin to heal your mind with the all round relaxation routine. You will also learn to relax your body at a very deep level.
  • Stop the unhealthy pattern in your mind. Your mind soon gets used to being in a state ill health, and it can be hard to get out of this state. This guided meditation will help you to see the positive, to swap your unhealthy patters for healthy patterns of beneficial thinking so that the state of ill health you are manifesting can dissolve and you can replace it with a state of natural health, created from a positive, focused mind pattern.

What you may not realize, or at this stage believe, is that your mind can heal your body, and in turn your body can heal your mind. The connection that your mind and body has is inextricable, and has been well documented in thousands of scientific studies.

Your mind can heal your mind and your body!

In this beautiful guided meditation you will use your mind in a new way to help to heal yourself!

What to Expect

You will perhaps go deeper into relaxation than you ever have before leaving you with a feeling of peace and deep relaxation.

You will then be taken on a journey to a beautiful place in your mind which will help to lift your spirits in preparation for healing.

You then visit an amazing place to heal both your body and mind. In this place you will be given a gift that is unique to you, which you can use every single day to strengthen both your mind and body.

Short Term

Immediately after listening to this album for the first time you will notice just how relaxed and at peace you feel. This will help to strengthen the healthy feeling in the future.

You will also notice a general feeling of being alive and have more energy than perhaps you have had for a long time.

Long Term

Over the long term your general health and mental well-being will return to previous states of feeling healthy. You will have more energy, be more focused and start to plan for your future again with excitement.

Get back to a feeling of being healthy and energetic - use this guided meditation to improve the health of your mind and body!