4 Ways LoA Can Help You Attract Your Perfect Partner

Not only do you deserve great friends, but also, you deserve to have the perfect partner!

Life is too short to waste it on partners who are not the best fit for you. And the law of attraction can help you attract your perfect partner if you follow these four steps discussed in the article below.

The truth is this; In reality, you have many, many perfect partners out there for you! There isn't just “the one and only.” There are about 100,000 “ones and onlys!

You actually have about 100,000 soul mates! This is what we learn when we study the law of attraction.

Consider the following question; how many relationships have you already had where you thought they were, “The one?

  • A couple?
  • A few?
  • Many?
  • What if you were to find out that every one of those relationships was “the one” at the time, and a soul mate?

That doesn't mean that every one of those relationships was the perfect relationship.

What it means is that every one of your past relationships was the perfect path to the perfect relationship.

In other words, all of those other failed relationships helped you to more clearly define what it was that you wanted.

Those “failed relationships” were not fails. They were simply the best relationship at the time in order for you to more clearly see what it is that you really wanted.

When you think about it this way, then you can much more easily thank all of those relationships in your past and think of them from a place of unconditional love.

No more regret. No more bad feelings! Thank all of those relationships for helping you to find your perfect mate!

Here are 5 Ways that The Law of Attraction can Help You to Attract Your Perfect Partner.

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1. Use Your Imagination.

One of the most powerful tools on the planet to attract your perfect partner is the power of your imagination.

The law of attraction teaches us that all creation started with a thought. Thought comes first, and thought is the genesis of all creation.

  • How and when can you use your imagination?

A really good thing to do is to take an additional five minutes after meditation and use that time to focus on the feeling of what it would be like to have whatever you want – in this case, the perfect partner.

  • See your partner spending time with you. What does it feel like?
  • See your partner smiling. How does it feel?
  • See your partner doing mundane things with you, such as doing the dishes, or going to the grocery store.
  • See the two of you laughing and having a good time.

The most important thing is to feel as if he or she is already with you. That is the trick – that is the key.

2. Enjoy Being Single Now!

Most people want to find the “perfect partner” because it will fill a void or a feeling of loneliness.

The problem is that if you feel lonely, then you are prone to attract more loneliness from the vibrations you are putting out from that state.

In a way, it doesn't seem fair, but when you realize that it's simply a law of the universe and how vibrations you put out affect your life, then you can use it to your advantage.

The point is that if you can feel like your partner is already with you, then they will come very quickly. That's how it works! If you want to attract the perfect partner, you have to feel as if they are already in your life.

  • Do you think that your “perfect mate” would be attracted to you at a party if you were walking around with a sad face and feeling lonely?
  • Or would they be more attracted to you if you were having a ton of fun, energized and feeling fantastic?

The answer should be clear! Enjoy your life, and you will attract things and people to be joyful about.

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3. Trust in Divine Timing.

Waiting and trusting is a bit hard for us humans!

Why? Because we have to deal with this small thing that we call, “time / space / reality.”

We get impatient and when that happens, we offer up resistance. When you offer up resistance to what you want, then the universe cannot deliver the goods, or the people, including your perfect mate!

Let go of impatience. Let the universe do it's thing and trust it to deliver your perfect mate at the perfect time.

You may be ready for your perfect partner, but they may not be ready for you. The universe may see that it would be best if you could wait for a little while longer for one reason or another.

So many times it isn't until after we finally find our perfect mate that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit. Then it all finally makes sense.

It is well worth the wait, don't you think? But again, don't get too hung up on one person because the truth of the matter is that you have many potential perfect mates out there.

4. Date and Have Fun!

Who says that you cannot date and have fun while waiting for your perfect mate? The more fun you have dating, the better chance they will have to find you.

Why? Because if you have a good time consistently, you will attract more of the good vibes and come closer to attracting your perfect mate that matches your frequencies.

So, don't think that you have to mope around your house, imagining that your perfect mate is there. Go out and have fun.

The vibration of fun and laughter is very high on the emotional richter scale. Dating others is a great way to attract them even quicker.

Your perfect partner is out there! Actually, there are many perfect ones out there for you. All you have to do is to do what Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, “believe it, and then you'll see it.