5 Ways To Find Peace Within Frantic Mornings

Have you ever experienced one of those sucky mornings?

  • You peek at the clock only to realize you’ve overslept.
  • As you rush around to get ready, you discover you're out of toothpaste, deodorant, and coffee.
  • Then your phone alerts you of that early-morning parent/teacher conference.
  • All the while, your mind races about that afternoon work presentation that’s not quite finished.

But you still want to find peace... and you can.

Forget walking the dog, eating a healthy breakfast, and easing into your day. There isn't enough time.

Sure, you could focus on the positive, be happy to be alive, and be thankful to have a job that pays for the roof over your head.

But, sometimes a positive mindset, gratitude, and a smile just doesn’t cut it.

I had one of those mornings. And it only seemed to get worse. Fortunately, I knew just how to keep from spiraling into panic-mode.

My Frantic Morning and How I Managed to Stay Calm.

  • My husband insisted a perfect tie was the sole solution for a successful work presentation.
  • My daughter was stunned by the five minutes remaining before she needed to leave for school (she chose to sleep through the other 55 available minutes).
  • My son’s cereal choice brought his world to a tragic halt—a spell that could only be broken by a different cereal.
  • I was left in the center of this morning tornado feeling selfish for wanting no parts of fixing this mess and feeling guilty for barking orders to reclaim balance in everyone’s morning.

However, I found a few tweaks (some only take 30-90 seconds) that allowed me to be less affected by it all.

1. Allow your emotions.

Scream. Kick. Yell, “IT’S NOT FAIR!” You know you want to, so do it. However, set a timer for 90 seconds to five minutes, and do so away from others (even if that means hiding inside your closet and screaming into a pillow). Denying our true emotions only prolongs them.

Pausing during a hectic morning may seem counter productive

. However, releasing emotions in a healthy way will restore your focus. Taking this brief moment amid the chaos will set you up for a more productive day.

Message from Guided Mind: Release your worries - do it now!

2. Feel your feet.

As you rush to get yourself or your family out the door, feel your feet. This is a physical way to ground you in the reality of what is. It quiets the chaotic story playing in your mind. It brings in acceptance and opens space for a calmer response to your frantic morning.

3. Refuse to do their dirty work.

If you live with other people, you may sense they are demanding you to take on the job of fixing their morning. Don’t take it. Allow them to feel their own discomfort.

You will take their actions less personally and be more open to offer some positivity to the situation (even if they don’t immediately notice your contribution).

Message from Guided Mind: Simply, be more assertive - our guided meditation album can help you to be more assertive.

4. Focus on adding, not subtracting.

Instead of wishing you could take away all the failed situations of the morning, think of what you can add.

  • Scolding yourself for skipping breakfast? Think about picking up a piece of fruit later.
  • Wishing you spent more time taking care of yourself instead of browsing emails and social media? Consider going for a walk during your lunch break or making time for yourself later in the day.
  • Wanting to scream, “Get over it!” to your whiny husband? Wish him well on his presentation.

Shifting your mindset to what you can do rather than what’s wrong helps you focus on solutions rather than dwell on problems.

5. Perceive your awareness of the chaos as a positive.

During frantic mornings, sometimes all we see is how much things suck. We hate that we’re so affected by the chaos and often feel like there is no way out.

Without awareness, nothing can change. Now that you are aware that you want things to be different, you have a choice. Choose to be gentle on yourself.

Take a few deep breaths. Say to yourself, “Okay. This sucks. Things didn't go as planned. But now I am aware. Now I can choose. I choose to accept my imperfections. I choose to create a day more aligned with the intentions of treating myself and others with kindness and compassion.

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Taking Charge of a Chaotic Morning Only Requires Minor Tweaks.

You have the choice of how long you wish to hold onto the stress of a frantic morning. You can dwell on your failures and mishaps for the rest of the day, or you can dust yourself off in the middle of it all and choose something different.

Take time to acknowledge your frustrations, stress, and anger. Get grounded in this moment. Look at what you can positively add to your current situation.

Take a few moments to regain balance in this moment. It will set you up for a day that focuses on solutions rather than problems.

Sure, you'd love to rise with the sun every morning, quietly sip herbal tea, and read inspirational quotes after your morning yoga practice.

But life happens. It can get messy and not go as you planned. Don't let that stop you from regaining peace.

Christine Rosas is committed to help everyday women learn to fully accept and embrace who they are.  Although she’s lived on three continents, traveled to 23 countries, and covered 13,000 miles in 83 days on a U.S. road trip (in a mini-van with her kids), Christine doesn’t consider herself an adventurer.  She is simply someone who believes in the power of living outside your comfort zone.

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