7 Tips to Develop A Positive Personality

Your “personality” is your pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviour that determines who you really are as an individual. You are born with certain personality traits, but other parts of your personality are things you might want to actively cultivate. Here are 7 different tools that will help you develop a positive personality.

1. Learn the True Meaning of “Macarism”

Most people do not even know the meaning of the word “macarism”, because it is a value we are not necessarily taught. “Macarism” is taking joy from someone else’s success and accomplishments. While practicing “macarism” for our children, close friends and family may be easy, doing it towards people we feel competitive with is not so easy. You may have to learn to forgive yourself and others in order to attain this feeling, but it is worth it. So practice learning to genuinely feel happy for someone who is achieving success in life, because lust or frustration at someone else’s success will just bring you down in the end.

2. Always Practice Integrity

You know what they say, “Actions speak louder than words.” Most of us want to be honest people, but if we do not keep to our word then our intentions amount to nothing. Always try to keep your promises to other people, but also keep the promises you make to yourself. Eventually you will become that person that people can always count on, and who doesn’t want to be that person?

3. Communicate that You Care

People often do not express their emotions and enthusiasm towards other people and projects. Make sure to spend the time to verbally tell someone how much you care about them and be more caring in general, or even let your boss know how excited you are about working on the latest project. No one can read your mind, so sometimes you have to take the time to actually say aloud what we are thinking/feeling to the world.

4. Give Compliments Daily

Who doesn’t love a compliment? Everyday make it a goal to compliment at least one person. Whether it be on their appearance or a job well done, you will make their day. When you give people compliments they form a positive association with your personality


5. Develop Healthy Habits

Our bodies and brain feels a lot better when we take care of it through proper hygiene, diet and exercise. Don’t look at fitness and health goals just as ways to improve your body, but understand that they will transform the way you feel and act for the better. Learn to enjoy healthy foods, and exercise, it as all in the mind and if we can change our thoughts we can change the way we feel about having a healthy body.

6. Use Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations re-programs the brain to think more positive things. Think about what aspects of your personality you would like to make more positive than create a positive affirmation to go along with that. For example, if you are often negative towards yourself, make an affirmation that states you have already broken this habit. “I love myself, so I am always positive and loving towards me.” In order to achieve anything, we first have to believe it.

7. Make Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Good Ones

When you set your expectation to be low, the chances are that you aren’t going to achieve much. To shoot for the stars we can’t be aiming at the ground, so make sure to expect a lot of yourself. This will help inspire you each and every day to do a little better than yesterday! Your higher self expects you to achieve greats things, make sure and fulfil your true potential.