8 Super Fun Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Right Now

Enjoy yourself with these eight super fun ways to develop your brain functions, your memory, concentration, creativity and more - and unlock some of that unlimited potential that is hiding within you!

These are the 8 Super Fun Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Right Now.

1. Challenge yourself with crossword puzzles.

Crossword puzzles can help you think of the right words and quicker in your daily communication. This is called fluency and is tied to the speech and language center of the brain.

Many people believe that crossword puzzles help with overall memory or cognition, which is sadly not the case.

While crossword puzzles alone won't help you keep your brain shart, they do help overall, but only if the crossword puzzles are challenging to you, and they are fun!

2. Challenge your mind by learning a new language.

People who speak multiple languages are more likely to have higher intelligence.

Learning a new language helps improve your cognitive skills and your overall brain function.

And not to mention other benefits, like being able to communicate with a large number of people you previously couldn't talk to!

3. Spark your creative mind by playing an instrument.

When you just listen to music, many areas of your brain are engaged and active.

When you play an instrument, brain activity that happens by just listening to music multiplies a few times!

Playing an instrument is a mental workout with many long term and positive effects!

4. Put your brain in high gear by reading and following a map.

No matter what you are reading, the brain development benefits of doing so are numerous.

Reading can make you smarter and more empathetic, and it can also make you feel like you're living the experience you're reading about! Reading also rewires your brain and [makes it function better](http://www


Different reading styles create different, new brain patters. Reading is good for your brain whether you skim through a book or read it thoroughly; and maybe this is the right time to learn one more reading style that will benefit you for the rest of your life - speed reading.

Following a map works in a very similar way too, and is good to do whenever you can. Consider not using that GPS until you really need it and use a map instead to help develop your brain better!

5. Learn a skill in special care by volunteering at an animal shelter.

Caring for animals and volunteering in general have many mental health benefits for those that do it for truly altruistic reasons.

Pets are often used to help people via pet therapy; and if you're learning a skill that helps you get better at taking care of a pet - your brain will love you for it!

6. Drinking water keeps your mind awake and sharp.

Drinking enough water can help you avoid headaches and fatigue. Often when we think we are hungry we really just need to drink more water.

Lack of water also causes one to lose focus, have issues with sleep (which further hurts your brain) and get into foul moods.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day and drink it at an optimal temerature to keep your body and brain working at an optimal level. Whenever you feel your brain is getting sloppy, drink a bit of water.

7. Connect with nature and leave your electronics behind.

Just by leaving our electronic devices behind, we are helping rewire some parts of our brains.

We are so used to always being within an arms length of our phones and laptops that we are slowly forgetting how just spending time in nature helps us relax, de-stress and enjoy ourselves.

8. Learn a sport and keep your brain sharp and active by staying physically active.

Our minds and bodies are connected. When one isn't working at optimal level, the other one suffers too.

That is why it is important to keep yourself physically healthy - a healthy body will in turn help you keep a healthy mind as well.

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