9 Habits That Emotionally Strong People Have

“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” ~ Unknown

We’ve all had our fair share of tragedies and difficulties. Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses, though we sure wish it would be. It seems that some people let stress just roll off their back while the rest desperately reach for any kind of substance that will make our problems disappear, even if only temporary.

How is it that some people manage to remain calm, cool and collected even during the worst times? What is the secret that keeps them totally composed in the face of stress and turmoil?

We all handle situations differently. Some people prefer to be alone where others wish to be surrounded by besties and a bottle of wine.

Are you good at keeping your emotions under control during the worst times or are you a raving, screaming lunatic wishing and hoping that something better change soon or heads are gonna roll?! If you’re the latter, there’s hope for you yet.

Follow any or all of these 9 habits and you too can be that one person that keeps their cool and never has to reach for a bottle of J.D. again.

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The 9 Essential Habits Of Emotionally Strong People.

1. Meditation.

They know how to use super easy breathing techniques that will have them calm and in control in no time.

Emotionally strong people can easily practice deep breathing and meditation anywhere or anytime it is needed. By doing this, they can take a stressful situation and remain totally calm.

You should meditate every day. Here's why.

2. Journal.

Yes they love to journal. Why? Because when they write out their feelings and emotions it helps them to release them and move on.

They know that holding on to negative emotions is exhausting and depressing

. Journaling them empowers them to move forward with a sense of relief.

3. Pray.

They make it a habit to pray. It’s so important to them that they will do it just about anywhere.

Who they pray to is their own business as it is yours who you decide to pray to. Angels, God, the Universe, or your great grandmother Gertrude.

Take time to say a prayer for strength, gratitude, protection or whatever. When we bow our heads in prayer, we are releasing control and letting a higher power move us into strength and comfort.

4. Forgive.

The key to everlasting peace and emotional wellbeing is forgiveness. We all know that it’s so important to do this yet we still struggle with it.

Forgiveness will take practice. It won’t be easy. In fact it will be terribly uncomfortable but it must be done in order to move forward and be strong.

5. Build self-confidence.

Many of us have had our confidence shattered throughout our lives. It’s important to rebuild your self-confidence to a level where no one can ever shut it down again.

When we regain our self-confidence, we walk with our heads held high and exude such strength and beauty that heads will surely turn.

6. Practice loving everyone.

When we show, give, receive and feel love there isn’t anything that can bring us down. We are strong, loving and at peace and know that love will find a way to save the day.

Love is a beautiful emotion that can overpower any negative emotion or situation. Any time. Practice feeling and giving love. It’s actually sort of fun!

7. Think before you speak or act.

It’s so easy to fly off the handle when something goes seriously wrong but acting out before thinking is the worst thing you can do.

Before that happens, stop and take a step back. Leave the room if you have to. Do whatever it takes to prevent you from freaking or lashing out. Think about what is happening and then calm down.

It may take an hour, 3 hours or even a day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Step back, observe and analyze before you speak or act out on the situation.

8. Leave the past in the past.

Emotionally strong people don’t have time to care or worry about what happened last week, month or year.

Who cares? It’s done. Going back into the past is just giving away your power to appreciate the present. The only thing the past was good for was getting you to the awesomeness you are today. Thank you past, see ya later.

9. Embrace change.

Change is a big bad scary word. We run away from it. Change means stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something different.

Allow your heart to guide you on your path - become strong both internally and externally.

Different is terrifying, yes, but it is also empowering. It shows us that we are stronger than we think. It also shows us that we are up for any challenge, will look fear straight on and move forward with a brave face.

Being emotionally strong isn’t as hard as you think and these simple steps can help you get there faster. When we are stronger, we are happier and have more peace in our lives. Who doesn’t want more peace?