9 Techniques to Keep Yourself Energized Through The Day

Do you regularly wake up tired? It's frustrating that no matter how long you sleep, you still feel tired when you wake up. You should feel fresh, rejuvenated and ready to have a productive day.

If you're looking for some simple ideas to wake up energized and maintain high energy levels throughout the day, try these nine easy techniques.

1. Identify your energy pattern.

If you care to look, you'll realize that your energy levels show up in cycles that repeat daily.

You may find that your energy levels start to wane at a certain time of the day, or after doing certain activities.

Monitor yourself over a few days. Identify tasks and activities that decrease your energy levels and stop doing them.

2. Start the day on a high.

No, that doesn't mean a cup of strong coffee. It means water. Drink a glass or two of warm water straight after waking up, on an empty stomach.

This cleanses the colon and aids digestion, helping your body run more efficiently. A healthy breakfast later on is a great energy source to keep your energy high for the next few hours.

Eat a healthy breakfast and do light exercise to get your blood pumping and to inject a dose of extra energy. You'll learn to enjoy healthy food when you pay attention to how it makes your body feel while you eat.

3. Eat less, regularly.

Diet has a strong effect on your energy levels.

If you starve your body of food, it starts to work on limited resources. This inefficiency causes lag and weariness.

Fuel your body with wholesome energy sources regularly throughout the day. Aim to incorporate high-energy foods in your meals, like pulses, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and oats.

The food you consume should cover all the important nutritional bases.

Eating smaller-sized meals more often throughout the day helps your body to tick along at a productive pace.

4. Watch the artificial boosters.

![a person holding a warm cup of coffee](images/content/person-holding-warm-coffe-cup


If something goes up, it must come down. Coffee and sugary drinks may give you a rush of energy, but it will burn out sooner rather than later - and when it does you'll crash and feel worse than before drinking them.

Make it a habits to eat and drink natural drinks that will have your body bursting with energy throughout the day.

End your addiction to sugar - it's not helping you.

5. Take a break.

Long hours of doing the same old, same old takes its toll on our attentiveness. Especially when working in front of a computer screen for hours at a time.

Take mini breaks regularly to refocus and to recharge.

  • Stand up and take a walk.
  • Change your scenery.
  • Bask in the sun.
  • Rest your eyes.
  • Strech.

You'll stimulate your senses and reinvigorate your mind. Have a glass of water while you're at it!

6. Exercise.

Exercise helps to activate your muscles, and it increases blood flow.

Establish a regular, enjoyable workout program - together with good eating habits it will boost your metabolism and do wonders for your body's energy levels.

7. Take a nap.

If you feel like you need a quick boost, don't reach for a soda. Take a quick power nap instead.

A 10-minute nap can be all you require to start charching your 'battery'.

But don't nap for too long. Otherwise you'll wake up feeling even more tired and it could jeopardize your sleep pattern later in the night.

Set an alarm or ask someone to wake you up to ensure that you don't oversleep.

8. Keep your mind active.

When you have some downtime, don't fall into the trap of going into hibernation mode.

Keep active because your downtime will only be temporary. Pull out a puzzle or strike up a conversation.

Keep your mind working at a steady pace and it will forget to become tired!

9 Change your habits.

Tired and unhealthy bodies and minds can't work efficiently. You'll plod along, but you'll struggle to make it through the day.

  • Irregular sleeping habits.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking.
  • A bad diet.
  • Lack of exercise.

They do nothing for wellness and for leading an active life of endeless energy levels. If stress and anxieties start to pile up too, it's unreasonable to expect the body to operate at optimal levels.

Be active, both physically and mentally, as your day goes on. Be mindful of energy-sapping habits, and be proactive in incorporating the right mix of energy-efficient ingredients into your daily routine.

It takes hard work, but being able to finish the day with enough gas in your tank is well worth the effort.

How do you keep your energy levels high?