End Sugar Craving

Overcome your sugar cravings more naturally and stick to your healthy eating plans with help from this powerful guided meditation cd.

  • Have you been trying to cut down on sugary snacks?
  • Do you find yourself craving sugary foods a lot?
  • Do other people know you as having a ‘sweet tooth’?
  • Do you berate yourself every time you eat sweets?
  • Would you like a new way to end your sugar cravings for good?

We all know that too much sugar is not good for us, physically and mentally, but if you’re trying to lose weight, having a sweet tooth can be a nightmare.

Taking too much sugar into your body can cause a host of physiological eruptions in your body, and you will have noticed the ups and downs you feel when you eat lots of sugary foods and sweets.

The real reason why you crave sugar, is down to the way you have conditioned yourself to east sugary sweets or snacks. You may eat more sugar foods when you are emotional, or at night, or when you feel happy. Your brain is simply reacting to triggers that your mind sends it, and it’s time to break these triggers and replace them with new, more positive ones that will help you lose weight.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • End your sugar cravings for good. By controlling how you feel when you stop eating sugary foods, you will find that your weight loss will be rapid and much easier.
  • Feel a quiet determination to continue eating healthy foods. When you break your old patterns you can replace them with new ones helping you feel much more comfortable eating healthy foods.
  • Lose weight quickly and easily. When you stop your sugar cravings you will find that your ability to lose weight will be much more rapid than you thought possible.
  • End the roller coaster of emotions. Eating a lot of sugar gives us highs and bad lows, fuelling your need for more sugar. When you stop eating sugary foods you will feel much more in control of your emotions.

Guided meditation gives you a new way to look at yourself, installing new beliefs and thoughts about yourself that will energise and charge you to lose weight and end your sugar cravings for good.

What to Expect

There are three sections to this guided meditation. The first section will give you a complete mind and body relaxation, which will help to reach your subconscious mind, where all the magic happens.

The second section will see you in a beautiful remote castle in the hills on a warm summers day. This will help to strengthen your visualization skills.

The final section will use the power of your mind to disassociate the feelings of pleasure you have when you eat sugary foods. This is very powerful, and will have an immediate effect on you.

Short Term

Immediately after listening to this meditation you will start to feel your cravings for sugar disappearing.

After a few weeks you will find that you no longer crave sugary foods at all, and will feel all the benefits that this brings you to your body and your mind.

Long Term

Ultimately you will reach the weight you’ve been trying so hard to get to, once you end your sugar cravings. You will also have more energy, more confidence and an overall feeling of well-being.

We know our albums work, that they will penetrate into your mind and make changes to the way you approach life, but if for any reason it just isn’t for you then we don’t want to keep your money.

If you truly want to end your sugar cravings then download this life changing guided meditation today and end your sugar cravings for good so you can lose weight and keep it off.



3 reviews for End Sugar Craving

  1. Abi Griffin, Sydney, Australia

    Ok, well my experience is I have a long history of emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting. Starting a new diet each week, giving in to temptation (especially sweets), and it’s early days for me, but I’ve now done 10 days without cheating, without giving up, snacking, or eating chocolate. I LOVE your meditations, they are really soothing and calming, I’ve used them once each day (I really enjoy Think yourself think, and Enjoy healthy food sessions), and I just feel different, I feel great, and my eating habits are much more natural – I will keep you posted 🙂

  2. Stevie Wilson, Long Beach, CA, USA

    I recently bought the collection for weight loss. I thought if I could just get a handle on the binge eating and the draw sugar has on me of late. It’s been hard to control and it was disturbing me and my body. Later in the day when I was able to look at candy and felt “meh” .. not going for it. I did pick up something healthy- an apple. I drank more water and I was able to reduce my food intake that day. Later I didn’t feel the need or hunger to finish my meal. I didn’t need to order desert. My desire for carbs is less and I am able to sub fruits and veggies for the items I typically have trouble with. The good stuff tastes ok.. but not nearly as addictive as it usually it. It’s not triggering me to become addictive as I was before. Also found that my desire to work out was better. I had been working out but felt mixed feelings. Now I am really seeking out ways to add it into my routine. It’s helping me immensely. I see changes in my body already. I am happier with me.

  3. Kris Ayache, Melbourne, Australia

    My weight was 92 kilos – way too big for a woman who has just been diagnosed with Diabetes 2 so I began my journey to lose 22 kilos. I’ve cut down on my favorites like chocolate and continue to use the sessions for other bad food and increase eating healthy food. I have [so far] lost 14 kilos (only another 8 kilos to go)! Without Guided Mind I think I would be continuing to move along without any direction at all – now I have focus and am challenging myself at every turn, 2014 is the year that I become the person I have always wanted to be and the rest will come in its own time.

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