10 Ways to Incorporate LOA Into Everyday Life

When many of us first learn of the Law of Attraction we may immediately want to incorporate this new amazing tool that we have discovered to create a better life. Using the Law of Attraction in everyday life can sort of be like healthy eating. We know it’s good for us, we want to do it, but we may not always stick with it.

Just like creating any new healthy habit into our lives, it takes practice.

  • We may start out excited and motivated to try out the new skills we have learned, yet later fall into our old similar thinking patterns that may not be creating the life of our dreams.
  • We may then wonder why we are not getting the results we had hoped for.
  • We may conclude that LOA doesn’t truly work or wonder why it works for others, but not for us.

I have seen time and time again that if done correctly and with continued practice The Law of Attraction does work and you can attract everything you have ever dreamed of if done properly and consistently.

  • So what can we do to help to utilize LOA as a part of a new healthier lifestyle and make sure it works?
  • What habits can we start to do starting today to change this?
  • You may be wondering is this even possible?

Here are 10 healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine starting today to begin using LOA every day to create the life of your dreams.

1. Visualize upon waking.

Take a few moments when you wake out to picture your life the way you would like it to be. Who doesn’t like a good daydream?

Picture the life of your dreams and try to make it fun. Think of every aspect and detail of how you would like your life to be if you could have it your way, because you can have it your way.

It’s a great way to start the day with a smile on your face and a clear vision of the life you wish for yourself.

If you start to feel some resistance or notice negative thoughts creeping in, ignore them and go back to the daydreaming.

This is also where you can utilize another tool, which we will explore next


2. Use Affirmations.

You can use daily affirmations to take away the resistance or negative thoughts that come up around creating the life of your dreams.

You can write out the Affirmations or verbally state the opposite of whatever negative thoughts or resistance may be coming up for you.

Repetition is key while creating this new way of thinking and a new language that you may have never used before.

3. Mirror Work.

A great tool to use for affirmations is to use mirror work.

You simply stand in front of a mirror and say the positive affirmations to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Another important factor in the process of creating the life of your dreams is self- love and self- acceptance. You have to believe you deserve to have the life of your dreams to create the life of your dreams. You don’t have to know how you will do it. The universe will figure that part out, but you do have to believe you deserve it or you may block the manifestation of whatever it is you are wishing to create.

A great exercise to work of self-love and self- acceptance is to stand in front of the mirror and say “I love you” to yourself while looking into the mirror.

It will feel odd at first and most likely very uncomfortable. Keep at it and don’t discount the power of this healthy exercise to improve your self-image, self-love and create the life of your dreams.

4. Write it out.

  • Make lists.
  • Send yourself emails.
  • Text yourself.
  • Write it in a notepad.

Do whatever it is that works for you to take the time, as often as possible to write out exactly what it is that you want.

Always try to be as detailed as possible when writing out what it is that you want. Don’t hold back. The mind chatter may kick in while doing this, do it anyway.

If thoughts like, you don’t deserve that, you can’t have that, don’t be greedy or whatever else that may pop into your head come up for you, remember that you deserve all that the universe has to offer. Ask and you shall receive.

As Abraham Hicks so wisely states “It is as easy to create a castle as it is a button.

We are the only ones who place limits on what it is that we can have. I was told once that when you take the time to write out what it is that you want you are putting it out into the universe and it begins the creation process.

5. Ask for help form God and your guides.

Another way to incorporate the writing it out method is to begin by writing Dear God and guides as the heading. Or whatever it is that you consider to be your higher power.

We all have a team of guides ready and waiting to help us whenever we need it. The trick is that they have to be asked. Our guides want to help us.

They will scramble to work to help us to get whatever it is that we are wanting, if only we will ask.

Many of us are used to trying to do everything ourselves and are unable to ask for help, but what do we have to lose?

I’ve used this tool many times when I have to make big decisions or am unsure of which direction to take. I use it for anything and everything that is overwhelming me or that I feel that I can’t seem to figure out or create on my own.

  • Not sure where you should live?
  • Need a job?
  • Not sure about something or want or how to create something?

Write it out and ask for help. It is a wonderful tool to help you in using The Law of Attraction to create whatever it is that you desire.

6. Talk about what you like/love.

How often do we go about our day talking about what we like or love? For many of us the routine is usually more of talking about everything we didn’t like about our day.

  • At the end of the day do you share the things you loved or liked about your day or the things that you didn’t like?
  • Are sharing the days complaints or the blessings?

Remembering that what we focus on expands can help to break this unhealthy habit. After all, do we want to create more of what we like/love or more of what we are complaining about?

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The choice is ours and each thought we think and word we speak is creating our future. So if we want it to be a future we like and the life we want it is of the utmost importance to be talking about all day long about what we want, not about what we don’t want.

Imagine if at the end of the day instead of saying everything that went wrong that day or that we didn’t like instead we shared everything we loved and everything that went right. This one change alone could literally change your life.

7. Dream Boards.

Creating a dream board with all of your dreams on it is a fun creative way to use The Law of Attraction.

Sit and cut out pictures out of a magazine of images and words of what you want to have, feel, be and do. It is a great visual way to be creative and also gives you a focus to look at if you find yourself getting off track from your goals and dreams.

There are many people including myself who have created dream boards and when looking at them years later realize they have created what they placed on their dream boards.

8. Have fun - life doesn’t have to be so serious.

Make using The Law of Attraction into something fun. It is supposed to be fun.

Visualizing the life of your dreams and all that you desire is fun and exciting, as it should be. Do things regularly that you love to do.

What is fun to you? Whatever that is for you, go do that as often as possible. Having fun is a great way to get yourself into the high vibrational receiving frequency quickly.

Life is supposed to be fun. So go have some fun!

9. Meditate.

Take time to connect with yourself.

Set aside 15 minutes a day to sit in silent meditation. This is where intuitive messages or guidance may come through to further help you to create the life of your dreams while incorporating the use of The Law of Attraction.

10. Gratitude Journal.

Being grateful is another one of the fastest ways to open yourself up to receiving. As said before, what we focus on expands, so focusing on what we already have to be grateful for helps to create even more to be grateful for.

  1. Notice throughout the day all of your blessings or things that you are grateful for.
  2. Create a gratitude journal, either a paper or online version, and write down the things that you are grateful for.
  3. Doing this at night before bed can be a great way to end your day and help really put into perspective all that you already have to be grateful for.

I hope you have enjoyed these Law of Attraction tips and reminders and will start to incorporate them into your daily life.

Wishing you well on your journey, Anne-Marie Wiesman

Anne-Marie Wiesman is an EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist specializing in Recovery of Childhood Sexual abuse/rape, Domestic Violence and Narcissistic Abuse. She is a survivor of all of the above and the founder of the website Follow Your Song. Anne-Marie was raised by a Narcissistic mother, her biological father was a violent alcoholic and she was married to an abusive, alcoholic Narcissist for 10 years. Through the use of EFT Tapping and other healing modalities she was able to overcome the effects of the abuse as well as the trauma/PTSD and begin her healing journey. She created Follow Your Song to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of abuse.

Her mission is to help other survivors to know that they are not alone, that help is available and they can heal and recover. Her hope is that survivors will utilize the information, tools and resources available on her website and blog to help them in their recovery. Her goal is to create a community of survivors who can support, learn and heal together - join her on www.followyoursong.com