9 Ways to Become Comfortable in Your Own Skin

In her book Leading by Belonging: A Pathway to Knowing Yourself, Tracy E. Houston says that becoming comfortable in your own skin means to “embrace all the intimacies and intricacies of what makes us special.

There are a lot of reasons to feel dissatisfied with who you are.

How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin.

The media and the people around us don’t always inspire the greatest confidence in ourselves. If you struggle with a negative self-image, try these 8 ways to begin to feel comfortable in your own skin.

1. Know your strengths.

We have an inclination to focus on our weaknesses.

Change that. Start to focus on what you’re good at.

  • What are the everyday skills you apply to make things happen for yourself and for others?
  • What do others entrust you with?
  • What successes, big or small, have you contributed to lately?
  • What compliments do you usually receive?

You're probably good at a whole lot more than you imagine.

2. Appreciate your imperfections.

A standard question in job interviews is "what are your strengths and weaknesses?''

Educators advise job seekers to:

  1. Provide an example of a weakness instead of saying that they don’t have one because no one is perfect, and...
  2. Show how their weakness can sometimes have a positive angle.

We are all imperfect, but some exaggerate their imperfections and zoom in on their shortcomings.

Listen to the advice of people prepairing you for a job interview and focus on how your faults can become your assets.

3. Continue your pursuit of self-improvement.

Accepting your imperfections doesn't mean that you should stop trying to become a better person.

Even though it's next to impossible to change some things, there is always room for improvement in many areas.

  • Learn new skills.
  • Develop qualities and traits that enhance your character.
  • Find out what your talents are and develop them.

You’ll impress yourself with all that you can do.

4. Practice positive reinforcement.

This is key if you want to be comfortable in your own skin


  • Tell yourself what's great about you.
  • Remind yourself what makes you a good person.
  • Vocalize your strengths. Say them out loud.
  • Visualize your accomplishments and goals.

We sometimes become so caught up in a pessimistic attitude towards ourselves that we need to hear the positives in order to over-ride the negativity.

Start each day by reminding yourself about what makes you special. Be grateful for it.

5. Avoid negative people.

Negative people are all around us.

  • They’re on our TV screens.
  • On the newspapers.
  • At our offices.

Take yourself out of situations where the words and actions of others cause you to doubt yourself. Protect your energy from the negativity of others.

They don’t know you, and they don’t know all the amazing things you are capable of.

6. Meditate.

Be at one with yourself.

Meditate on the person you are, on what you like about yourself and on what makes you unique. Getting to know your true self will make you feel at ease in your own skin.

The problem is that we often adopt a self-image that others impose on us.

7. Take care of your body.

Be healthy and active. A strong body has the power to develop a strong mind.

Over-analyzing every single physical flaw will not do anything to eliminate it. We all have things that we can't change about ourselves - so learn to appreciate your unique traits and develop healthy lifestyle habits - as being healthy is all about the foods you eat and the things you do with your body.

You’ll have energy for the whole day, and you can use your energy to lead a fulfilling life.

8. Watch your words.

A coping mechanism for people with low self-esteem is to disparage themselves in front of others, especially when receiving compliments.

Avoid that tendency. Use the positive energy you receive to build your confidence and automatically become more comfortable in your own skin.

9. Absorb yourself in your passions.

A great way to become more comfortable in your own skin is to do more of what you’re good at. This works as positive therapy, building pride in repeated achievements.

It's easier to experience success when doing something we love because we invest in it wholeheartedly.

When we become good at something we have a passion for, our self-esteem will grow by leaps and bounds.

Being mindful of all that you are and of all that you can be will provide the power you need to get to know yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin.