Tap into the power of your mind through this guided, visual, meditative journey to target your depression and become naturally happier in life and with yourself.

Free from Depression CD Album Cover
  • Do you often feel down, and sometimes hopeless for no reason?
  • Do you avoid going out, preferring to be on your own?
  • Do you sometimes have overwhelming feelings of sadness?
  • Would you like a natural way to lift your depression?

Everyone suffers from down days on occasion, and often refer to being depressed, when in fact they are just having a down day. Depression is where these feelings are severe, or long lasting.

Recovering from depression is not about 'pulling yourself together', and hearing that you may feel hurt or angry, as a lot of people may not understand what you are going through. However, you can ease yourself out of depression and gradually get better with each passing day.

The free from depression guided meditation is another tool you can use to help ease yourself out of depression. It's not as an alternative to medication or therapy, rather a complimentary tool which you can use every day to help yourself.

In this mediation you will:

  • Take the edge off your depression. You know that you have good days, okay days and bad days. Guided meditation is to help lift you from the bad days up into the okay or good days.
  • Begin to focus on the good things in your life. You may not think that you have good things in your life right now, but the very fact that you're reading this shows that you have something to be grateful for. There are always things to be grateful for.
  • Focus on happiness. Rather than the glass being half empty, rather than always being a bit down.. you will focus on happiness. This visual journey will guide you to spark happiness within your mind and you will start to simply be happy within yourself, without needing a reason..
  • Be given a special gift. This gift is unique to you - something you will take with you from the guided visual journey, and which can be used every single day to strengthen your resolve to be free from depression.

Your mind is an amazing gift and, if used correctly, can lift you out of depression. It can't be done overnight, but you'll find that after a while you have more good days than bad, and pretty soon the bad days will be few and far between.

What to Expect

The special journey you will be taken on is uplifting and bring you out of the deep slump you may be suffering.

In the first section you will be given a deep relaxation session which will help to relax your body and mind at a very deep level.

The second part of your journey will see you relaxing further in the beautiful surroundings of a grass field.

The third section will show you an amazing tool which you can use every day. It is here you will receive your special gift which you can also use every single day, as often as you feel is right for you.

Short Term

You will start to notice that you don't have those days when you feel you've hit rock bottom. You will be able to relax a lot quicker and at a much deeper level than ever before. You will also start to see a change in your mood. Depression is a mood changer, but you will find that you begin to stabilize.

Long Term

The ultimate goal of this meditation is to help you come out of depression altogether, and into a place in your life where depression was something you used to have.

Your overall feeling of well being will also increase dramatically, making you feel more positive, upbeat and optimistic.

Take the first steps towards change and towards happiness today - start to manage and eliminate your depression and start living life to the fullest.