Relieve your tension headaches and stop recurring pain by listening to this powerful guided meditation.

Free from Tension Headaches CD Album Cover
  • Do you frequently suffer from tension headaches?
  • Do you find that your headaches impact negatively on your life and hold you back?
  • Do you sometimes suffer from light sensitivity, nausea, or visual problems?
  • Do you want to gain freedom from tension headaches and live life how you really want to?

What would your life be like if you never had to suffer a tension headache again? I imagine that the quality of your life would change dramatically.

The most common causes of tension headaches is stress, sleep deprivation, irregular eating patterns, uncomfortable stressful position in bed or sitting at a computer, and eyestrain. The most common cause is stress, and that is something we can help with.

With the use of guided meditation you can finally get rid of the tension headaches that you suffer from and relieve the stress that may be causing them.

In this meditation you will:

  • Relieve yourself of tension headaches. When you are free from your life limiting headaches you will have more freedom in life, you will be able to get involved in more activities, have more of a social life, and stop finding yourself in situations where you start an activity or project to later suffer a headache and be held back - you will be free to live your life how you want to!
  • See a drastic reduction in the number of headaches you get. You know how debilitating it can be to suffer from headaches and if you get them often your quality of life can go downhill quick. this meditation will dramatically cut down the number of headaches you get and possibly eliminate them altogether. This means that you will be in control of your life, no longer at the mercy of sudden headaches - you won't have to live in constant fear and dread of headaches anymore.
  • Find an easy way to become stress free. Stress is the number one cause of headaches - even if it doesn't actually cause the headache, it intensifies it - you get stressed, the headache gets worse, and you get further stressed - it is a vicious cycle. With the powerful relaxation techniques and beautiful imagery in this guided meditation you will find that you can deal with stress much easier than ever before, and lessen the frequency and intensity of your headaches.

We know how difficult it can be to live with headaches. Whilst over the counter drugs may help to deal with the symptoms they don't help you find a solution to stop the headaches recurring.

With this guided meditation we want you to be free from tension headaches and eliminate them from your life - as when you are truly free from tension headaches you gain a new lease of life, you aren't suddenly crippled by migraines and having to stay indoors in a darkened room - you are more free to adventure and explore life, and to live your life how you really want to!

What to Expect

You will be taken through a full body relaxation exercise which will have you relax your body and mind at a very deep level. Then you will take a journey which will have you overlooking a beautiful valley of green, rolling hills whilst the sun sets.

You will then be shown a unique healing tool that will finally begin to banish the headaches you have been suffering from for so long. You will also receive a unique gift in this meditation.

Short Term

After listening to this album a few times you will notice that the frequency of your headaches will diminish. you will also find out just how peaceful and relaxing an experience it is listening to guided meditation.

Long Term

The ultimate goal with this album is to free you from tension headaches altogether. Listening to this album regularly will help you to get in touch with your own mind, the root causes of your headaches and to help you to take control and eradicate the headaches from your life.

Download this guided meditation mp3 / cd today and see how much your life changes when you are finally free from tension headaches.