Use the power of your mind, through guided, visual meditation to manage your pain levels naturally and reduce pain levels.

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  • Do you suffer from pain in your body?
  • Do you find it difficult to balance pain medication with their side effects?
  • Is your pain having a negative effect on your life and holding you back from living the kind of life you really want to?

You may be suffering from chronic pain or recently started suffering acute pain, with this meditation you can manage both types of pain quickly and easily.

Your mind is an amazing tool which you may not have been using to its full potential. By using your brain and your mind in the right way you can deliver natural pain relief, relieving you of pain and getting back to living as full a life as possible.

Your body can naturally release endorphins which can alleviate the severity of your pain. You can usually do this with exercise, however there is another way: guided meditation.

In this mediation you can:

  • Release the natural painkillers that your body has stored. Your brain releases your endorphin painkillers naturally, and when you are able to use your mind in the right way you can release these natural painkillers as and when you need them you gain control to increase your natural pain relief medication, and through this visual journey, you will guided to do so.
  • Relax at a very deep level. In order to free your body from tension, and making pain worse, you can learn to relax at a deep level, making it easier to manage your pain.
  • Track the progress of your pain levels. Whilst using guided meditation you can subjectively measure the success of it by using the pain scale 0 - 10, which is used in all hospital settings to measure pain. From this you also gain more understanding and control over your pain and you can learn to dial the rating down.
  • Start to live a normal life. Living with pain without any way out can be so destructive and limiting in life. Using your mind you can learn to drastically reduce your pain level, and get back to living life.

This unique guided meditation can be used every day to eliminate or manage your pain better. Guided meditation relaxes your body and stills the mind which can help to alleviate the pain symptoms. However the bonus is that you are taken on a journey in your mind to further alleviate your pain levels - so it's not just a quick fix but will have a compound effect; as you keep listening you will get more benefit and start to naturally manage and lower your levels of daily pain.

What to Expect

Your body will experience a deep relaxing effect which can help to release the natural painkillers in your body to help manage your pain.

The second part of this journey will see you in a beautiful garden overlooking a calm, blue ocean. This will take you deeper into relaxation and still the mind in preparation for healing your pain.

The third section will show you a visualization which will help to heal your whole body and mind and will give you a technique to use to quickly alleviate pain symptoms.

Short Term

In the first week of using this you will notice just how relaxed you can be, and you will already start to see a difference in your pain levels. This can be measured using the pain level scale.

You will also start to see a change in your mood. Pain can cause you to feel agitated, irritable, depressed or anxious. This will change the more you use this meditation.

Long Term

Whilst we cannot guarantee that using this guided meditation will eliminate your pain altogether you will see a drastic reduction in the level of your pain, and be able to manage to top start living a normal life again.

Your overall feeling of well-being will also increase dramatically, making you feel yourself again and helping you to live a more active life with lesser pain levels.

Download this special guided meditation today to gain control of your pain and, get back to living life to the fullest.