Use this simple but immersive guided meditation audio experience to get help quitting drinking alcohol and claim your life back!

Free from Alcohol Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Have you tried to stop drinking in the past?
  • Have you looked for help but haven’t found anything to suit your needs?
  • Do you say you’re going to quit, only to let yourself down?
  • Would you like a new way to quit drinking from the comfort of your own home?

If you are drinking more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day (2 bottles of premium beer or 1 large glass of wine) on a regular basis, then you may have an alcohol issue.  The long term health effects of drinking more than this may have led you to seek help with your addiction.

You may have tried to stop drinking before, only to find it’s not that easy.  By using images with relaxation methods you will find that you will be able to quit your alcohol habit much easier and much quicker than using other interventions.

This guided meditation will help you, and can be used in conjunction with other interventions, to quit alcohol for good. With this guided meditation album you can:

  • Learn a new way to to finally quit drinking forever. Alcohol addiction is widespread and it’s clear that conventional methods do not work for everyone.  This is a new way that uses the power of your mind to stop drinking.
  • Relax both your mind and body.  Alcohol may have a strong hold over your mind, making it difficult to relax and feel at peace.  This guided meditation will give you a natural way to relax and feel peaceful, which has long after effects.
  • Develop a strong will to stay off alcohol.  Most people who have managed to quit, and stay off alcohol, say that having a strong willpower is important.  Whilst willpower alone will not help you quit, it is important to development this.
  • Get a great nights sleep. Something that most alcoholics find difficult is getting a good nights sleep.  Their brain is used to going to sleep drunk, however getting to sleep without alcohol means the mind is overactive and you may find that you have nightmares.

This is a unique way to finally quit drinking forever.  It address both the mind of an alcohol and the physical effects that being an alcoholic presents.

What to Expect

The guided journey in this album will see you navigate a stormy ocean, which will help to develop neural pathways in your brain to give your inner strength and determination.

The second part of this visualization will introduce you to a beautiful color filled cave to heal your body, mind and spirit.  The beautiful imagery will have a long lasting effect, with the lingering effects lasting hours and days after listening to it.

Short Term

When you listen to the album for the first time, you will notice you have a calm, peaceful state of mind.  You will also notice that your determination to quit drinking will become much stronger, with little effort on your part.

Long Term

Over the long term your mind will have been conditioned for quitting alcohol forever and ultimately lead to abstinence, with little or no cravings to consume alcohol.  Perhaps more importantly you will develop a strength of character that you may not have known was within your reach. You will develop a new found respect for yourself, and you will just naturally live a life free from alcohol.

If you want to finally quit alcohol forever, then download this album today, gain a helping hand from the power of guided meditation and see the difference it makes in your life!