Stop food addiction from ruling your life - overcome your addiction and lose weight with this guided meditation.

Free from Food Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Do you eat to escape your feelings?
  • Do you feel hopeless about your eating habits?
  • Do you think about food or your weight constantly?
  • Are you 100% serious about beating your food addiction and improving your life?

Food addiction is about having an unhealthy relationship with food. You crave the food you love, you eat the same foods over and over again, you eat more than you should, you eat extra big portions or go back for second helpings, or you simply can't stop eating your favorite foods - you keep eating way past when you are full.

Worse still, a real food addiction can lead to other mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and self loathing. You may also suffer from withdrawal symptoms from certain foods, much like a drug addict would experience withdrawals.

Does this sound familiar? Do you have an addiction to food? You may have tried to stop eating certain foods in the past but have failed to do so, causing you to feel depressed or anxious about your addiction - this is when you really know you have a problem - when you try to stop but can't.

But don't worry, change isn't impossible - if you are reading this page then of course you really do want to change, and this is why we created this album - to give you a helping hand, the extra strength of mind to succeed and a guided, meditative journey through the experience

With the help of this guided meditation you will begin to control your relationship with food.

In this guided meditation you will:

  • Finally be able to beat your food addiction. People who have managed to beat their food addiction find they are in control of their emotions, their mind, and their eating habits. You too will be able to beat your food addiction and have a strong inner control.
  • Develop a strong desire to control your food addiction. It’s crucial that your desire to quit your food addiction is strong to have any success. Listening to this meditation will give you that desire, so that rather than struggling to overcome your food addiction, your frame of mind will be positive - not struggling, but desiring to change, and this will make a big difference and make the change much easier for you.
  • Gain control of your mind and of your addiction. Through this meditative journey you will learn about the nature of your mind, and rather than it controlling you, you will start to take control - to change the way you see food, and ultimate change your responses, ultimately changing the way you eat.
  • Put a stop to impulses and urges. People with food addiction find it difficult to shut their mind off from thinking about food, or their weight or other peoples weight. This album will give you that calm mind needed to help you beat your food addiction - you will clear your mind and you will gain much more freedom from obsessive thoughts about food - when the cravings aren't there in their intensity then you will find the process much easier too.
  • Gain control over your cravings and urges. You know how difficult it can be to control your urges and cravings with particular foods. You will start to gain control over these urges, and ultimately gain control over your mind.

With help from this album you can manage your food addiction and eventually eliminate it altogether and finally beat your addiction to food.

What to Expect

There are three parts to this guided meditation. This first part will help you relax your whole body from head to toe, giving you a feeling of deep relaxation, and put you into a very peaceful state.

The second part will guide you through a challenging journey, in the lakes of a beautiful countryside.

The third part will show you something magical that you will be able to use whenever you feel any cravings or urges to eat unhealthy food. It will also give you the strength, courage and desire to beat your food addiction forever.

Short Term

The first time you listen to this album you will feel more relaxed and more at peace than you have felt for a long time. This will set your mind up to relax ay a very deep level. You will find that this relaxing feeling will stay with you throughout the day, and you will not obsess about food as you may have done previously.

Long Term

The magical guided journey in the meditation will have long lasting effects that will go beyond your food addiction. You will find you are calmer, and more relaxed. You will also notice an inner strength you may not have felt before. This strength will benefit you in all areas of your life.

Ultimately you will beat your food addiction and no longer obsess about food as you may have done before and simply develop normal eating patterns and habits towards food.

Download this amazing guided meditation today, to lose weight, improve your health and energy and finally beat your food addiction forever.