Overcome your computer games addiction, get your social life back and become more healthy with this unique guided meditation.

Free from Computer Games Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Do you try to hide how long you’ve been gaming?
  • Do you feel irritable, angry or agitated when you are denied gaming time?
  • Do you find you are neglecting other people in your life in favor of gaming?
  • Would you actually like to kick your computer games addiction and be more productive and active in "real life" again?

With more and more studies being carried out on computer games addiction, it is clear that it has become a real problem over the last few years. The news is awash with stories of marriages ending in divorce, with computer games addiction being cited as a reason for the divorce, dropping grades, even depression.

Your addiction to computer games may be causing a lot of problems in your life, and if you want to stop it, gain freedom from this very real addiction and get a real life - a social life, a girlfriend or partner, and improve your health and your life then now is the time to do something about it.

With this powerful guided meditation you can finally take back control of your life and end your computer games addiction for good.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Put an end to your computer games addiction. Ex addicts describe being addicted to computer games much like a heroin addict would describe being addicted to drugs. The common thread among CG Addicts is that it ruins their relationships, and their lives. You can put an end to your addiction before it gets to that stage.
  • Develop a clear, calm state of mind. Gamers tend to get rushes of dopamine whilst playing games, which makes them feel good, however you will know the feeling doesn’t last long, and you feel the need to play again. With this meditation you will develop a calm, clear mind with no need for the dopamine rush from games.
  • Gain back the drive to live in the real world. Gaming offers you a way to escape from reality, but like everything, should only be used in moderation. This meditation will give you back the drive and control to want to be a part of the real world.
  • Strengthen your determination to quit gaming. It takes determination and a strong mind to give up gaming, which many ex addicts will tell you. With this download you will find that you are more determined than ever to beat your addiction.

As you read this you may be feeling panic at the thought of giving up gaming for good, this only proves that you have a real issue. However you can, and will beat your gaming addiction.

This meditation is the first step on your journey to gaining back control of your life.

What to Expect

The first section of your download will contain a powerful relaxation exercise which will help you to relax your whole body from head to foot.

The second section will see you in a challenging situation which you must escape from in order to help your family and friends.

The third part will show you something that has amazing powers to heal, and to help you take control of your urges and cravings. It will also affect many other areas of your life, and can be used at any time.

Short Term

Your first reaction to this meditation will be that you notice how relaxed you are. This relaxation will carry on for hours after listening to it.

You will also find that your inner strength and determination grows stronger each time you listen to the album.

Long Term

Ultimately you will have the strength and the courage needed to finally quit your computer games addiction and start living a healthy life again.

You will notice that your courage and inner strength carries over to lots of different areas in your life, and your ability to remain calm in challenging situations will make you stand out.

Download this powerful guided meditation today to get your social life back, become healthy again and end your computer games addiction for good.