Change the way you feel about and experience smoking - by tapping into your subconscious mind with the power of guided meditation - to help you to quit smoking forever!

Free from Smoking Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Have you ever tried to give up smoking?
  • Do you get short tempered when you try to give up?
  • Do you constantly crave a cigarette, even after a few hours of stopping?
  • Would you like a new way to help you quit without so many cravings and urges?

Have you heard that smoking is the hardest of all addictions to give up?  Whilst there is some truth in that, it doesn't have to be the case - not for you.

Science has advanced a lot over recent years and research shows that what is required to quit any addiction is: desire, willpower, encouragement, and support.

With this guided meditation we can give you the desire, the willpower, and encouragement to stop smoking.  There is also another powerful aspect, and that is the use of images to strengthen all these three areas, making it more likely that you will quit.

This guided meditation will give you:

  • The desire to want to quit smoking. You will never be able to quit smoking if you don’t have the desire.  All ex smokers had a reason and a desire to quit.  With this meditation we will help you develop a deep desire to quit smoking.
  • The power to help you relax at a moments notice. If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking before you’ll know that you feel restless and can find it difficult to relax.  Listening to this album will give you a way to instantly relax.
  • The mental strength need to quit. There’s no getting away from the fact that the first few weeks will be the toughest.  This album will give you the mental strength needed to get over the first few weeks.
  • The encouragement needed to help you on your path. Using creative visualization techniques, mixed in with NLP and and hypnotic techniques, listening to this meditation will encourage you to stop smoking altogether and make it much easier for you to quit.

By helping you to use your whole brain to engage in the act of stopping smoking this guided meditation makes it much easier to quit.  Guided meditation is a powerful tool to help you on your journey of having a smoke free life. You will soon find that you have a shift in your thinking with regards to your addictive behavior (this has the added bonus of having a knock on effect in other areas of your life).

What to Expect

The first part of your journey begins with a complete body relaxation, where you will feel completely relaxed, and at peace.

You will then be taken on an amazing journey through a beautiful woodland area, where you overcome adversity to see the amazing garden in the woods.  After this a special surprise awaits you.

Short Term

By helping you with a way to feel completely relaxed you will notice that you are less agitated when you are not smoking.

You will also find that your determination to quit smoking has been strengthened.

Long Term

The more you listen to this album we would hope that it will help you to stop smoking completely, giving you the many health benefits that not smoking can give you.

You will also feel more empowered and in control of your own emotions, and have a lifelong ability to be able to relax yourself at a moments notice.

Quitting smoking is a journey, and you can gain support through subconscious programming with this guided meditation album - to make your experience easier and give yourself the best possible chance of quitting smoking - forever!