Overcome your sex addiction and feel what it's like to have a healthy sexual, intimate relationship with this powerful guided meditation.

Free from Sex Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Do you find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
  • Do you have trouble stopping your sexual behavior knowing that it is inappropriate?
  • Do you find it difficult maintaining long term relationships after the sexual newness has worn off?
  • you like a way to finally break your sex addiction for good and have a normal, healthy sex life?

Sex addiction is a real problem, and if you suffer from it you know this - it can really occupy your thoughts and take over your life in an unhealthy way. It can stop you from being productive in your daily life and it can break down relationships and cause upset to your partners and loved ones.

Sex becomes not about intimacy or pleasure as much as simply fulfilling an urge and an actual addiction.

If you are sick of living like this then our meditation session can help. It will get into your mind to work on your core beliefs - to change the way you actually see sex and to help you change your attitude and your behavior.

With this guided meditation album you can:

  • Overcome your sex addiction. Through the power of relaxation and introspection sex addicts are able to help themselves overcome their addiction. This album will give a way to relax at a deep level.
  • Change your core beliefs about sex. Sex addicts have certain core beliefs that are wrong or incorrect, and it’s these beliefs that you will be able to change with the help of this meditation.
  • Develop stronger willpower. You will gain control of yourself and your urges in the early stages where temptation is at it's highest. You will resist and you will develop a solid will and higher level of motivation to stick to your new path.. however, eventually you will simply overcome your addiction and it won't be about needing to resist urges, you will simple change on a core level and not be addicted to sex anymore.
  • Heal yourself emotionally. Generally sex addicts do not perceive themselves to be worthwhile, and have emotional issues which prevent them from maintaining long term relationships, opting instead for multiple sexual partners. The more you listen to this album, the more emotionally in control you will feel.
  • Develop a long lasting calmness and relaxing state of mind. Part of the reward for sex addicts is the rush they feel during sex. The feeling of remorse afterwards brings them back down again. With this album you will gain a calm, relaxing state of mind at all times, and are more able to control your urges to indulge in sexual activity.

This meditation mp3 isn't magic, or an instant solution - you do need to want to change, but if you are really serious then this album will support you and help you to do so and help you to progress on the path you want to live in life - with enjoyable, normal sexual experiences with your partner, and with a stronger real relationship.

What to Expect

This beautiful guided meditation will take you on a guided journey in your mind.

You will be given a calming, deep relaxation exercise which will help you to relax from head to foot.

You will then be taken on a journey in a beautiful cliff top garden to help you with your core beliefs about sex.

Short Term

From the very first time you listen to this album you will start to question your beliefs about sex. As questioning is the first step in changing your beliefs, you will start to notice a shift in your thinking.

You will also notice how calm and relaxed you feel, and you will be more in control of your thoughts.

Long Term

Ultimately, the more you listen to the album, you will finally be able to break your sex addiction. You will find that your core beliefs about sex and people have completely changed.

The angst and agitation you once felt will have disappeared to be replaced by a calm, relaxed person, who is in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors at all times.

Download this album today and experience a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and your partner, and finally overcome your sex addiction.