Overcome your addiction to work and gain back control of your social life with this powerful guided meditation

Free from Work Addiction CD Album Cover
  • Do you often get called a workaholic?
  • Do you think about work when away from the workplace?
  • Do you put more energy into work than you do with your relationships?
  • Would you like a way to overcome your addiction to work?

Workaholics Anonymous have recognized that people who are addicted to work often derive their identity and self esteem by what they do at work, and can find it difficult to let go. This can become a serious problem in your life if you don’t act on it now.

With the help of relaxation and guided imagery you can take back control of your life and start to live a life, free from thinking about work and enjoy the relationships you may have been neglecting.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Let go of the hold that your work has over you. Many ‘workaholics’ find it difficult to let go of their work whilst away from the workplace. This meditation will help you let go of the control that work has over you.
  • Be given a way to relax at a deep level. Crucial to your success of giving up your addiction to work is the ability to relax. With this meditation you will be given a full body relaxation session which will linger long after you have finished listening to the album.
  • Be able to give up the control you seek in your life and feel more at peace. Many workaholics find they try and control their environment at all times, and find it difficult to delegate even the smallest of tasks to others. You will be able to give up that control, and feel more at peace with your decisions.
  • Heal yourself emotionally. Like many others you may be working to fill a void in your life and emotionally distance yourself from others. Listening to this guided meditation, you can take your first step to healing yourself emotionally.

If you have finally admitted that you have an addiction and are ready to work on yourself, then taking action to address the balance in your life is the next step. Downloading this guided meditation can be this next step for you and give you extra support.

As with drug and alcohol issues, usually someone has to reach a bottom before they finally realize that there is a problem. We hope you have recognized the problem in it’s early stages. However this meditation will help everyone who is addicted to work, no matter what stage they are at.

What to Expect

The first section of this album will help you to relax your whole body at a very deep level. You will feel at peace and both mind and body will be completely calm.

The second section will take you on a guided journey through a busy train station, where you notice something strange about everyone you see. You will also meet someone who helps you take the next step of your journey.

The third section is a beautiful guided journey filled with amazing colors and scenery to help you feel emotionally at peace with yourself and others.

Short Term

After a few times of listening to the album you will have a few powerful realizations about yourself and about the work that you hide in.

You will also begin to develop the ability to be able to relax at a moments notice just by recalling your amazing journey in this album.

Long Term

Over the longer term you will finally give up the hold that your work has over you, and find a much more balanced lifestyle, incorporating family, friends and hobbies.

You will also begin to realize how much inner strength you have, which you can use in every area of your life from now on.

Download this album today and finally break the hold that work has had over you, and build your relationships with friends and family again.