Have a Gastric Band fitted without going to the hospital, and at a fraction of the cost with this amazing guided meditation

Gastric Band Operation CD Album Cover
  • Have you thought about having a gastric band fitted?
  • Have you been trying, without success, to lose weight?
  • Do you find that you are addicted to food and can't help yourself eating?
  • Have you already spoken to your Doctor about the possibility of surgery?
  • Would you like a totally unique way to have a gastric band fitted without getting the operation?

Getting a gastric band fitted is something that you may have considered or may be about to take the plunge. Before you do, why not use the power of your mind to have a psychological gastric band fitted.

How on earth would this work?

Your brain is much more powerful than you could ever imagine, and you can use this knowledge to have a virtual gastric band fitted, at a fraction of the cost involved in fitting one physically.

Before I go on to explain exactly how it works, let me ask you a question: Is there a specific type of food that you absolutely could not eat, one that would make you feel sick if you tried to eat it? Have you ever wondered why you can't eat this type of food, when other people can?

Your mind has told your brain so often, that you will feel sick if you eat that particular food, that your brain then sends a message to your body to start the gag reflex and will actually make you vomit if you eat that food. It's a bit more complicated than that, but that's what essentially happens.

With the gastric band operation guided meditation the same principle will apply, only we will drastically reinforce the images and movies that play in your mind, to make it a much stronger brain/body connection.

So now, whenever you eat something, a message will be sent from your brain to your body to let your body know that it is full after a few mouthfuls of food.

How long does the guided meditation last?

This guided meditation will last for around 23 minutes, about half the time it takes to complete a gastric band operation in real life.

The more you listen to this meditation the stronger your brain will associate eating less food and feeling full.

How long will it take to work?

Your brain will resist the changes at first, that's the nature of the brain, but after a few weeks you will start to see a difference, and will start to feel full with eating less food. Of course you will also start to see a difference in your weight loss, which will keep you motivated to stick to your weight loss program.

  • Have a psychological gastric band fitted. This may sound a little crazy at first, but when you start to see the results you'll know just how powerful it is.
  • Start losing weight within a few weeks. After a few weeks you will start to see the results of having the psychological gastric band fitted. This will keep your motivation high.
  • Gain confidence in yourself again. You will see a huge change in your confidence levels. You may have been stuck at being a certain weight for a while now, which may have knocked your confidence. Having this gastric band fitted will change your levels of confidence almost overnight.
  • Change the way you think about food. Up until now your relationship with food has not been a good one, as you've been using food in the wrong way. Now you will eat to fuel your body, instead of eating to satisfy your mind.

Up until now you may have tried lots of different diets, and tried to force yourself to stop eating so much. That system doesn't work, as your brain has become so used to asking and getting, that it will resist the urge to try and stop eating. In effect you have programmed your brain to feel hungry all the time.

It's now time to give your brain another program, one that tells it that you feel full after eating a small portion of food.

What to Expect

In order to access your subconscious mind, your whole body and mind will be given a complete relaxation session.

In the next section you will go through a pre operation routine, where the surgeon will explain the procedure for having your gastric band fitted.

In the final section you will be fitted with the gastric band. All the time you will be able to see the operation whilst floating outside your body.

Short Term

After listening to this meditation for the first time, your brain will resist the changes, but you will set a new program for your brain to adhere to.

After a few weeks of listening to this you will start to see the results of the gastric band and you will feel full whilst eating less food.

Long Term

Once you have reprogrammed your brain, it will become natural for you to eat less food, and still feel full and have lots of energy. This will have motivated you to eat more healthy and ultimately lose a lot of the weight, and reach your perfect body weight.

This is a unique and powerful guided meditation and will change your relationship with food forever. Download it today and see the difference it makes in your life as you shed those pounds.