Perfect Body Shape for Women

Develop your perfect body shape with help from this inner guided meditation – the naturally slim and healthy body you know you are capable of achieving.

  • Do you wish you could lose more weight?
  • Do you find yourself looking at old photos of yourself when you were slimmer?
  • Have you tried lots of diet plans that just don’t seem to work for you?
  • Do you find the thought of exercising and dieting daunting?
  • Would you like a brand new mindset to help you reach your perfect body shape?

When you think about your perfect body shape how do you feel? Does it make you feel sad and a bit down. You can change the way you feel about having your perfect body shape and actually begin to look forward to sculpting the shape that’s right for you.

You may have got into a rut and dread the thought of having to diet or do more exercise, but you can change this and begin to look forward to a new you.

By using this unique guided meditation you will start to visualize the perfect body shape that’s right for you. When you start to visualize it, something happens in your brain that sets of a series of neural events in your brain, and will help you attain the perfect body shape for you.

Using this guided meditation will help you:

  • Change your mind set about your perfect body shape. When you start to believe you can have your perfect body shape, things start to happen that will help you reach your goal.
  • Align your mind and body. Up until now you may have fed your mind the wrong types of thoughts and beliefs, now you will perfectly align your thoughts and beliefs to have the perfect body shape for you.
  • To think about a more healthier lifestyle. You may dread the thought of healthy eating and exercise, but when you have the right images in your mind you will start to look forward to a new healthier lifestyle.
  • Ignore the pressures of cultural ‘perfection’. The media has pushed images of the perfect body down your throat for years. You will learn to ignore these pressures and do what’s right for YOU.

There’s no getting away from it, the media has played a big part in what is regarded as ‘the perfect body shape’. The truth is there is only one perfect body shape: the one that’s right for you.

Using a unique blend of meditative techniques and powerful visualizations you will soon begin to use that power to attain the body shape that’s right for you.

What to Expect

The first part of this meditation begins with a complete mind and body relaxation session which will help to make you feel calm, relaxed and at peace, and slow your mind down to access the unconscious mind.

The second section will see you visiting a remote castle in the hills, set in the beautiful countryside. This will help to strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final stage you will meet a special person who will help you to realign your mind to help you reach your perfect body shape.

Short Term

The first time you listen to this meditation you will start a process that will help you change your beliefs about attaining your perfect body shape.

After listening to this meditation for a few weeks you will already start to notice that you think differently about food, and about exercise and will have started a plan to get the body you want.

Long Term

Ultimately you will get the perfect body shape that’s right for you and enjoy all the benefits of feeling good about yourself, and having an abundance of confidence, that could change your life..

We know our albums work, that they will penetrate into your mind and make changes to the way you approach life, but if for any reason it just isn’t for you then we don’t want to keep your money.

Break free from the thoughts and beliefs that have held you back, and achieve your perfect body shape. Click the button below to start the journey to a new, healthier lifestyle.


1 review for Perfect Body Shape for Women

  1. Stevie Wilson, Long Beach, CA, USA

    I recently bought the collection for weight loss. I thought if I could just get a handle on the binge eating and the draw sugar has on me of late. It’s been hard to control and it was disturbing me and my body. Later in the day when I was able to look at candy and felt “meh” .. not going for it. I did pick up something healthy- an apple. I drank more water and I was able to reduce my food intake that day. Later I didn’t feel the need or hunger to finish my meal. I didn’t need to order desert. My desire for carbs is less and I am able to sub fruits and veggies for the items I typically have trouble with. The good stuff tastes ok.. but not nearly as addictive as it usually it. It’s not triggering me to become addictive as I was before. Also found that my desire to work out was better. I had been working out but felt mixed feelings. Now I am really seeking out ways to add it into my routine. It’s helping me immensely. I see changes in my body already. I am happier with me.

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